Very rare are the people with loon medicine, as rare as this bird who inhabits during the summer the great lakes of the northern parts of Canada. Renowned for his eerie calls that ripple through the evening, the loon has inspired many a story and myth in the lore of many Native American people. The loon is one of the few diver birds. It lives of mostly fish and dives and swims long distances underwater, often disappearing from sight with hardly a ripple on the surface of the lake, re-emerging so far and so long after, that we often have lost them from sight. It’s a fairly big bird as large as the wild goose of our northern lakes. It has wonderful plumage that changes with the nuptial cycles and very impressive red eyes. I have often meditated in the evening on the lake with my canoe, just listening and observing these incredible birds.

Loons mate for life and have a very complex nuptial cycle. At some point they even shed their feathers and are unable to fly. Thus, abandoning many things for love and procreation is at the core of what the loon teaches us. They are always in harmony with their environment and despite the pollution and disruption of their nesting grounds their species has succeeded in maintaining a healthy world population.

Loon people have the ability to heal the eyes of other people when they are in harmony with their totem and have very special eyesight, being able to see in situations where others cannot. They are mysterious people, often aloof and distant yet maintaining communication in strange ways when we thought we had lost them. Their understanding of the dream world can be uncanny yet true if they practise the dreamtime techniques and remembering. They thus are very special people who may seem solitaire but are actually in harmony with the community and family. They just have a different way of communicating that may seem strange to those who are not accustomed to them.

Call upon loon medicine to better understand the intricacies of love and the messages of the dream time. Call upon loon medicine to see clearly in all situations of life and how to disappear from sight when the people around us are negative, aggressive or in disharmony. With loon medicine you can learn to call over long distances those who will listen to the mysterious messages of the hidden dimensions of spirit.

2 thoughts on “THE LOON—TOTEM ANIMAL”

  1. I was given a loon medicine name by a Lakota Sioux medicine man years ago. It has helped me on levels I don’t always understand.
    The name itself is quite beautiful and has two liminal descriptive parts.
    Thank you for your offering of insight.

    This medicine man I mention has since passed on and I only met him once in an intense all day workshop but I have never forgotten his gift to me.
    Love and peace to you

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