In the traditional native healing arts I was trained in, we were taught how to communicate, harvest and prepare medicinal plants. We then had to find the 7 plants which would be the base of our healing practice. This is a specific way the traditional Anidagohah Clan Cherokee healers use in their practice. By communing and communicating directly with the plants, these healers develop a personal relationship with 7 plants that will be used throughout their lives in caring and healing for their people.

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From the beginning of times, as Man evolved in his relationship with the earth, there have been important moments at precise times every year when communities would assemble and pray. They would give thanks for the abundance of nature and perform the native ceremonies and rituals that reaffirmed Men’s unity with creation and the agreements with the spirits of the elements, plant and animal worlds that allowed for harmonious living on earth. Through these celebrations and spiritual assemblies we remained in harmony with the world we used to live in.

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THE WILD TURKEY – totem animal

Here is another animal associated with the South. Certain nations even call it the eagle of the South.

The gobbler as it’s also called because of its typical throaty sound, represents the most spiritual and important medicine for all First Nations, that of generosity and sharing. We even have special ceremonies for gifting others called the giveaway or the potlatch.

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It’s summer! The garden and forest love this hot, humid weather. The plant growth is visible day by day. I’ve beautiful and abundant wild flowers growing everywhere on my small family domain. They’ve come uninvited, yet their beauty is welcome. The voluptuous rapid growth of the south, the season of laughter and warmth is with us today.

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I would, first of all, like to extend all my sympathy and compassion for all those who suffer from the consequences of confinement, loss of income and lack of proper health care. My prayers are with you.

The current worldwide events were predicted a long time ago. In 1969 a delegation of several native elders mostly from the Hopi Nation and representatives from other First Nations went to the United Nations buildings in New York, to warn the world. Their message was that if the modern way of life continued, there would be diseases, destruction and global purification.

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