Native American season’s greetings

feuilles gelées - frozen leaves Due to the social and commercial impact Christmas has in North America, few are those who do not celebrate Christmas at least in its secular aspects. Many First Nations have accepted and find hope and inspiration in the teachings of Jesus Christ. They celebrate Christmas like most Christians throughout the world.

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It’s still snowing, supercool! We shall have a white Christmas with lots of snow on the ground. I am in ninth heaven on these restful days. In winter I’m like a bear. I sleep a lot, I eat and I work a little bit, not too much. This year I’ll spend another Christmas with my beautiful consort, its… words are too small.

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The return of White Buffalo Calf Woman


There is a prophecy that speaks of the return of White Buffalo Calf Woman. Many of us, especially the traditionalists of Native American descent, have hoped and waited with anticipation for the return of White Buffalo Calf Woman. For those of you who do not know her, the Sacred Pipe, altar of the red race, was given to the Lakota by a sacred emissary of Great Spirit. This was White Buffalo Calf Woman. She came with great gifts of wisdom and knowledge, blessing the people and restoring the natural order of the world and abundance to a tribe afflicted by famine.

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