For a long time, I thought all those talks and texts about the ascension that was supposedly coming in these years of transition were just the flights of fancy of those who saw the world through rose-colored glasses, wanting to escape the reality of the current world. One day I was in deep meditation, standing still in my garden on my family domain, and I saw the new earth. All I had to do was take one step, and I’d change dimensions. It was there, in front of me, and without leaving this beautiful land, I was changing universes.

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(I’m reposting here one of the most important articles on my blog. This is what I consider to be my life mission, what I’ve been thinking about and striving for since a very young age, namely life in fullness and an intelligent, logical way of life. I had seen at the age of 5 that humanity had lost this. So, in a short and succinct form, here’s what I consider to be the best solution to our civilizational problems. For more details, see my book The Philosophy of Nature).

There’s one thing we can almost all agree on: today’s ecological, geopolitical and social problems are enormous, and threaten the health and future not only of humankind, but of all life on earth.

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As winter arrives in my beautiful country, I’ve been reflecting on how these shorter days of the snow and ice season lead to introspection and connection with the soul.

One thing I’ve often found is that all the answers we need are in nature.  There are no lies or half-truths in nature. Everything, absolutely everything in nature reflects reality, truth, universal laws, everything we need to understand life and evolve to our fullest potential.

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