THE MOLE – totem animal

The mole is an almost blind animal with a very long nose, which allows it to sense things to orient itself. It lives underground, hence its symbolism of unity with the earth and the ability to feel, a quality that has always been essential to First Nations.

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The key word in buffalo medicine is abundance.

The bison is associated with abundance because it formed the essence of life for the Central Plains nations of America. The buffalo gave everything to the people. Its fur and hide were used to make homes and clothing, as well as shields of war and peace.

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THE WOLF – totem animal

wolfThe wolf teaches us goodwill and communal harmony. In the Native tradition, it symbolizes the teacher, the one who guides the community. Wolves have a very strict community structure, they always work together and each one has its place so this is why their sense of community is well-developed. Older ones teach the younger how they should behave in the pack.

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THE BLUE HERON – totem animal

The key words for heron medicine are purification and self-knowledge. Most waterfowl are associated with purification because water is the purifying element par excellence.

The heron in particular, because of its size and its ability to stand on one leg for hours on end, evokes self-knowledge. Heron is often meditating, in contemplation of the surrounding water world.

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THE WHALE – totem animal

Whale is a very important animal for planet earth. According to ancient tradition, the Creator’s helpers placed it here, at the very beginning of the creation of life on earth, to be the guardian of its archives. Whales keep the history of planetary evolution and the energies present during the different ages of the globe. It’s like a swimming library!

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THE WILD TURKEY – totem animal

Here is another animal associated with the South. Certain nations even call it the eagle of the South.

The gobbler as it’s also called because of its typical throaty sound, represents the most spiritual and important medicine for all First Nations, that of generosity and sharing. We even have special ceremonies for gifting others called the giveaway or the potlatch.

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