A bird widely ignored and spurned by ornithologists and other amateurs of nature, crow is unjustly accused of being a predator of other sorts of birds. Although it has the capacity and it can in times of scarcity feed on a fallen or sick bird, it is rare that the crow attacks other birds.

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Moments of grace

This morning, before dawn, I was out working. The earth was frozen. I spent a long time tending the land. When it was nice and warm again in the sun, around 8, after my work, … Read more


Some readers commented that they were looking forward to reading more on this subject. I’d like to oblige but really, I don’t know a lot about this. I’ve always resonated with nature and my shamanic abilities allow me to find solutions to the problems encountered in the garden. I once made a garden in the Quebec City, in a back yard with little sun but the results were so surprising that a local newspaper took some pictures and wrote about it.

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Question about gardening

Blue Eagle, I have a question about gardening. Many people nowadays are willing to have a proper garden, with fruit and vegetables grown with environment-friendly methods. But then, they encounter many problems, suchas parasitic insects, midges or worms devouring their salads, and they finally have to use pesticides, which causes their gardens to be no longer ecological. I think Anastasia, when she evokes the best way to tend ones’ garden, doesn’t mention those problems, thus the related solutions. I know you have your own garden and spend much time tending it. Do you sometimes have to tackle such problems, and what advice could you give to those people, who have reasons to feel discouraged?

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