DEER – animal totem

The purest image of deer medicine is that of the doe. The deer embodies the energy of tenderness and gentleness; tenderness emanates from compassion and true compassion is silent. Of all the herbivores, the roe deer is one of those who speak the least. It will emit certain sounds, but even these are relatively discreet.

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BUTTERFLY – animal totem


Butterfly brings us the understanding of the cycles and rhythms of transformation and manifestation. It’s closely connected to the element of air, representing the winds of spirit, of change, of metamorphosis, Creator’s dream and the creative thought of Man. It is also the symbol of our mental and intellectual body.

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Certain days I find it real hard the stagnation of human beings in this critical and dangerous world situation in which we find ourselves. As if none know how we are destroying life on earth and the earth heritage of our future generations. I know from experience that this stagnation and immobility come from conditioning and programming that the system propagates so insidiously in all the stages of our lives. The result is that even aware, open, conscious, spiritual people often continue working in sad, polluted and illogical environments within the system.

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THE SQUIRREL – totem animal

The squirrel is a very charming animal and is extremely rapid: he can run around a tree four times in a single second.
The squirrel is also very quarrelsome! He is very protective of his environment. When something is wrong, everyone around knows all about it!

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THE OWL – totem animal

The owl is often associated to the dark side as it’s a bird of prey that hunts at night. It has the ability to fly without noise in the dark so its preys are unconscious of its presence until they are taken into its claws. It eats a lot of mice and other small animals. It has a great vision, and his head can rotate almost 360°. This is a fascinating ability!

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Une personne fortement handicapé en quête de vision avec Aigle Bleu. – A heavily handicapped person on a vision quest with Blue Eagle

We are frequently confronted with the imperfection of the body which was granted to us for our time on Earth. Our genetics are considerably impoverished by centuries of an artificial lifestyle, genetically modified foods, chemical drugs, vaccines, far from nature, thus more and more of people suffer from various serious and debilitating handicaps and health problems. Formerly, before European colonization, people who were different, had handicaps and who yet survived childhood were appreciated for their particular gifts and they were invited to discover them.

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