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It’s important to understand that different cultures have different ways of looking at animals. The Judeo-Christian culture has a very negative regard towards the snake. The snake, in Native American culture, is very powerful medicine. … Read more

The fox – totem animal

The fox has several different symbolisms; it is a very special animal because it is really a survivor. It has retractile claws, a bit like a cat, and can actually climb a tree, like a … Read more


The bear is one of the strongest of all creatures and Native people from the North East of Canada, where I come from, consider the bear as very close to Great Spirit. It’s the animal associated with the energy of the West cardinal point. Our legends say that Creator created other creators that created other creators, that created what we have on earth, but that the bear comes straight from Great Spirit, like humans do. Actually, if you take the skin off a bear, and hang up the carcass without the outer fur, very strangely it resembles a human being. The bear is like the human in respect that it can eat anything, it has a very varied diet: it can eat roots, leaves, larva, honey, meat, it knows all the medicine herbs and roots, it eats anything, just like Man.

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BE: The flute in Native American tradition is often associated with elk medicine, because the elk will whistle to his females – the elk often has several females and they have a small herd and … Read more

BEAVER- totem animal

Castor beaver totem

A lot of teachings come from the beaver, which is a very family-oriented creature, an ecologist and a builder. Beavers will build very intricate houses, with several entry points and exit points, very comfortable, and there will often be several generations living together, as much as three or four generations.

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