THE EAGLE – totem animal



The relationship with Great Spirit is what gives the spirit of truth to the eagle. This is why native people who are saying important things will often hold an eagle feather when they speak, as a symbol that they are saying something that is true.

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THE WOLF – totem animal

wolfThe wolf teaches us goodwill and communal harmony. In the Native tradition, it symbolizes the teacher, the one who guides the community. Wolves have a very strict community structure, they always work together and each one has its place so this is why their sense of community is well-developed. Older ones teach the younger how they should behave in the pack.

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THE BLUE HERON – totem animal

The key words for heron medicine are purification and self-knowledge. Most waterfowl are associated with purification because water is the purifying element par excellence.

The heron in particular, because of its size and its ability to stand on one leg for hours on end, evokes self-knowledge. Heron is often meditating, in contemplation of the surrounding water world.

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Why are we on earth? What is the mission and purpose of mankind?

These questions are fundamental because answering them helps to solve many of the problems we have on the planet today. Pollution, disease, and people who cause others to suffer in a thousand and one ways, exist only because we are not fulfilling our role, our reason for being on earth.

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Many people today, in spite of progress and science, talk about how difficult it is to live. They speak of the need to flee a world where there is aggression, authoritarianism, violence, lack of respect, injustices, restriction of our fundamental liberties, families where true love is ignored in order to better conform to a system that does not acknowledge our emotional needs, scorned by an elitist educational system, indifferent governmental bureaucrats, all the irrationality and evilness of men conditioned by our technocratic system.

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