Canadian cedar

Canadian cedar (thuya occidentalis) represents the perfect balance of feminine and male polarities. It is also called «The Tree of Peace», because of Deganawidah, a very important messianic figure in North America. Deganawidah brought the … Read more


Definitions – continued-

The «system»


The «system» is a word which I use to describe the current world structure of technocratic civilization. It’s the knot of the most important problems of our world and environmental pollution but is also the key to the next stage of Humanity’s evolution.

It’s not the first time in the history of Humanity that such behavior threatens life on earth. The prophecies of the First Nations of North America, which extend from the past to the future, describe the same process three times before the current era. These teachings have received scientific proof in Vine Deloria Jr’s research detailed in his volume GOD IS RED.

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The Philosophy of Nature 11

(définitions – continued)   Free Will   It’s very important to understand free will which characterizes Man and differentiates him from the other realms. Indeed, this freedom of choice is unique and leads to very … Read more


Sage is the most common and most important purifying herb used in Native American ceremonies. You will never see a Native American traditional ritual were burning sage is not one of the first things the medicine person or shaman will do.  Sage is a very masculine plant. It is the strongest of the Native American purifying plants. Sage dispenses a strong earthy smell. The significance of its English name, sage, also means wise old man. Many sage varieties contain hormones. It is probably one of the reasons Native Americans consider it as a masculine species. In fact, herbalists will often use the garden variety (Salvia officinalis) as a tea to harmonize the hormonal balance in women. The smoke purification that it offers is so powerful that it sometimes causes respiratory discomfort in those who have lung diseases due to excess mucus. We often surround our sacred objects with sage before storing them so that they are constantly protected against any evil or negative influence.

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The realms of nature

These are classes of beings which constitute what we call the natural world. There is mankind, the animal kingdom, the plant kingdom, the mineral kingdom, the elemental kingdom and the spirits of nature, beings that are completely made of subtle energies. It’s important to understand the correspondences and the importance of these realms of living beings, as understanding nature helps us to understand Man. A chapter will be dedicated to these kingdoms or realms.

The Original Instructions

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