LAUGHTER – real fun ?! :-D

There is something that has made it possible for First Nations [Natives of the USA and Canada, Central and South America] to survive centuries of genocide and joint efforts of the colonizers and their churches to obliterate their customs, languages, spirituality and traditions. Curiously it is not what we would think of, but indeed a normal and daily human activity. Laughter!! 😀 

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Soft fog of early morning flowing over the gentle hills

White horses flow into the mist like sirens of the earth

The sun slowly rises yet remains behind the clouds while the blue sky tries to leak through, shyly showing itself here and there through the vast horizon

Thus, the truth will finally begin to be seen, despite the ceaseless, anxious activities of man

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THE SWAN – totem animal

The keys words for swan medicine are grace, confidence and fidelity. Swan moves with infinite grace on the water as in the sky. This is the outer sign of the confidence which resides in this graceful water bird. In First Nation’s spiritual world the swan is associated with the medicine of shamanic journeying, these journeys into the unknown where we must sometime dive in without knowing what we are going to find in the whirlpools of energy which separate the various spiritual worlds and dimensions.

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MUSIC – Spirit Singing – CD MYSTERIES


This very special music comes from the shamanic traditions of the world. Harmonics is singing several notes at once (up to 3 notes, 2 being more common). Many shamanic cultures throughout the world have used this droning voice that creates clearly audible overtones above the main tone. Some Native Americans call it Spirit Voices.

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A FIRST OF NOVEMBRE – death has walked the streets ! :-)

Little monsters were walking the streets last night, it was Halloween! This night I dreamed of aging and dying. With all these skeletons, ghosts, monsters and vampires who ran the streets, mortality in the family, requests from people who consult me to make sure that the transition of their recently deceased close relatives is going well, my body that in some ways is getting younger and also showing normal signs of aging, such a dream is in circumstance.

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