Nature can be compared to a wise teacher giving pristine instructions on truth and reality.

The Native American heritage of wisdom can enable our ability to understand who we are, where we come from and where we are going.
The critical situation of today’s world afflicted with wars, injustice, pollution and ill health requires new approaches, more universal and more in line with the laws of Nature and Life.

For the purpose of exploring how we can solve today’s problems I have created this blog. Welcome!

Peace, Joy and Love
Blue Eagle



The Philosophy of Nature 11

(définitions – continued)   Free Will   It’s very important to understand free will which characterizes Man and differentiates him from the other realms. Indeed, this freedom of choice is unique and leads to very important considerations in our understanding

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Sweet grass

Sweet grass is the most feminine herb used for Native American incenses. We also call sweet grass «the hair of the Earth-mother». Like long hair, it is most often seen braided in long plaits. Often, medicine people will burn sage

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Sage is the most common and most important purifying herb used in Native American ceremonies. You will never see a Native American traditional ritual were burning sage is not one of the first things the medicine person or shaman will

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