Ever since I began to work for the light and to defend First Nations and aboriginal people, I have been attacked by those I call the dark ones. We all carry within us these dark aspects as Man has all of the universe within him. What prevails in a being is what he chooses to nourish.

We live in a world where money and the banks influence the world by favouring some to the detriment of others and where technology decreases the capacity of human beings to harmonize with nature. Thus, the dark forces in humanity are presently very powerful and their organisations have grown to spread all over the earth.

This explains that those who are bearers of light and truth are systematically attacked if they have a message or an influence that calls us back to Creator’s original instructions. Socrates was forced to commit suicide, Jesus Christ was crucified, Nelson Mandela and Leonard Pelletier were put in prison, Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King murdered and I could continue this list for a long time.

My detractors are numerous and very productive. They propagate on the web and in the media slandering and ridiculous lies. Although I am far from being perfect, my life speaks for itself.   I consider the value and the measure of a Man is not in the words other people have about him, but in his actions, that the way he lives his life and what he bequeaths to Humanity has a lot more weight than the deceitful comments of jealous and ill-intentioned people.

I have never made any concessions to the system. I’ve always defended the truth and the right of aboriginal peoples to live their traditions on the lands of their ancestors. I have always put in the light the errors and hypocrisy, the darkness and the dangers of the technocratic system and organizations which call themselves shamanic or spiritual but which in fact serve the ego of some powerful people or organizations. I have helped hundreds of people through shamanic healing, taught Native American spirituality to thousands, produced books, music and therapeutic perfumes which help dozens of thousand in more than 12 countries. This is the how I should be judged.

I am always amazed how character assassination or slanderous publications can influence the opinion that people propagate about me. Against that I can’t do anything. Thus, I chose to not defend myself, to say nothing, to not waste my time and my energies to respond to ill-intentioned, slanderous and jealous people but to continue my work for the well-being of the earth and humanity.

So, I shall not refute and detail all those who speak ill of me and who try to destroy my work. I accept all the difficulties and problems which are piled upon me. This has been the lot of aboriginal people on all continents since the system has spread its darkness all over the earth. On our beautiful Great Turtle Island, North America, now polluted, our nations were driven to the edge of extinction. We underwent one of the worst genocides in the history of mankind, our population having decreased below 1% of the original population and then undergoing the cultural genocide of residential schools. Thus, if I have to undergo continually slandering and calumny I accept to carry my share of the humiliations and sufferings of our nations.

The work will live on. The message will remain. The influence of Socrates, Jesus Christ, Leonard Pelletier, Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King and Mahatma Gandhi was not erased. Nothing can prevent the light from being victorious. One day the truth will be known and those who harbour hate and darkness, the slanderous, ill-intentioned and jealous will be put in the light and in turn be humiliated. I am not afraid, as before the eternal light my heart is pure.

Joy, Peace and Love to you all.

Blue Eagle








  1. I haven’t met you, Blue Eagle, but have known for a long time now what a loving Shaman of the Light you are. Your heart is pure and beautiful. I have met an evil shaman and know the difference. He is from Hopi and fools everyone. I have become a targeted individual also because I fought his influence. I have told people about you, of how special you are. Sending love and a committment to continue to walk in the light with you, Dear One.
    Beverly from North Conway, New Hampshire, USA
    I know some French but not the nuances.

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