THE OTTER -totem animal

Otter is the medicine of feminine energy. This medicine also applies to men as well as we all have a feminine and male aspect within us.

If we observe the otter’s lifestyle, it’s easy to determine the medicine it carries. Otters take good care of their young. They will often play for hours with them doing all kinds of acrobatics and rather spectacular games; otters are very supple. Although they live on the land, their lairs are always near water. Water and earth are the feminine elements.

The otter is the embodiment of femininity: long, slim, it’s almost coquettish. It’s very curious, and never remains immobile very long. Contrary to other animals, it never seeks a quarrel except when attacked. It loves adventure and will consider all other animals as friendly until proven otherwise. Nevertheless is stays far away from men and is very discreet. Few people have had the honour to observe it in its natural environment which is in regression. As such it is now an endangered species in many countries.

The medicine of the otter teaches us to be welcoming and to display an attitude of flexibility and beauty that will allow others to enter our sacred space with confidence.

The otter person knows how to share with others and may display a lot of liberties in its relationships. They will feel joy in seeing the skills and accomplishments of other people. They know how to share the abundance of life and how to trust others. It was a custom in many First Nations, before the acculturation by Western society that the sister of a woman who had just lost her husband would lend her, her husband, the time it would take for the widow to find a another man. This was done so the widow would not become dry and embittered by solitude. Jealousy and affectation are foreign to the character of otter people and they are very appreciated for this medicine. Feminine energy without control or jealousy is a beautiful experience. The joy of loving the children of other couples and their successes as much as one’s own are traits of those who have otter medicine.

All these qualities are generally similar to woman medicine. That’s why First Nations’ medicine women who work with other women often keep their medicine objects in a bag made of otter skin.

The otter knows how to flow with life, to adapt to circumstances, to move with the current, to be supple. Thus, call upon the otter to learn how to adapt to all circumstances in life.

This medicine is particularly beneficial for those who take themselves too seriously, those who do not know how to receive, and those who do not accept compliments or who do not know how to appreciate what others do or have to offer. Those who have these shortcomings can appeal to otter medicine. Also, appeal to otter medicine to better accept and integrate the feminine mysteries, particularly the lunar rhythms of the female body. Men can call upon otter medicine to soften one’s character, to experience more fully one’s feelings and be willing to express them freely. All can benefit from the freedom of the otter to love who we are and find joy in the simple moments of sharing with family and friends.

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