We are confronted with two important obstacles in our development today, obstacles that we did not have to manage originally in our relationship with the world. 1st the influence of the system on the world which limits our possibilities of having access to ecological communities and families living within nature; 2nd the conditioning and programming of our education and personality which we have developed in contact with the system which has managed us since birth (and even before birth).

Most people who try to free themselves and live according to their conscience do not fully measure the internal and external influence of the beast (this system or worldwide technocratic civilization) on their lives. They are thus unconscious victims of the forces of evil, their own ignorance and the mental, emotional and cellular damage which result from living within the system. Even those who become aware of it do not often escape this degradation. It’s not a simple thing to become aware of the internal and external cogs of the beast and often very depressing to go there. Most people are going to flee in entertainment, religion, dependencies, work or other exhausting activities to avoid facing the demonic face of the beast. It is especially difficult since a part of that morbid facies is in us!

How to evolve in spite of these obstacles and transform this world so that the children of future generations have a healthy world? Each one has their own path to walk, their own beauty way and my words can only be a beacon on this road. But I had help and circumstances which facilitated my understanding and I have walked for a long time on this liberation path. So I think my thoughts can be helpful.

The first realization that is important to integrate is that technology, its machines and its tools, are not necessary, for our needs, for our comfort or for our development. They are in fact a hindrance to our full development. It’s very difficult to understand this because we do not know how to live in accordance with nature without these tools today. How to conceive a life in accordance with nature if we have never seen how or ever felt the wonders of complete beauty and liberty on earth? We have lost so much in our understanding of nature. We get our water from the tap, our food in a grocery store, our bodies have lost the ability to keep us warm in the cold, we need all types of clothing and technology in artificial houses which shelter us against what we now call bad weather, etc.

We come from nature. For millions of years human beings have lived in accordance with nature. We were created within nature and originally our bodies were perfectly adapted to nature. In fact the human being is the most aware, conscious and creative expression of nature. The theory of evolution is only another erroneous programming of the system. It’s important to understand that we were created perfect from the very beginning. This explains our free will and our power of creation. We are the only ones among the beings on earth to benefit from these attributes[1].

In contact with nature all our physical potential awakens, as all these capacities are encoded in our DNA. When we are in contact with nature, all our abilities awaken and develop. We are then capable of living within nature without need for technology. Technology becomes a crutch, a prosthesis for supplying to modern man these skills that were never developed because we have never been in contact with nature within communities and families who knew how to live therein. So, our muscles (read here natural skills) when they aren’t used, atrophy! Put a civilized man in nature today and he’s completely lost. Yet, Aboriginals of all continents, who would really appreciate being able to return to their ancestor’s lifestyle, are completely comfortable within nature without technology.

It’s important to comprehend that all our aspects are connected. The mental, physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of our being cannot be separated. They all influence each other and develop together. If our physical body is diminished because we no longer have the proper stimuli coming from nature, the rest of us cannot fully develop. Proof of this is clearly demonstrated in our modern world if we take the example of our emotional development. We are currently seeing a rate of divorce and separations in couples which exceeds the 50%. We see deep, profound emotional distress which creates unexplained phenomena such as spontaneous killings where people who seem to be just ordinary people start shooting on all those they can, and other similar phenomena. When we live within nature all of our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual capacities will develop together, holistically, and we will be a lot happier and more complete.

I have always understood this and on some occasions have been witness to people who suddenly realized that these technologies which we use every day are in fact the source of all our problems. This realization in every case was an incredible liberation for these beings, a vision and an enlightenment which gave them incredible renewal. Thus, it’s the first step… Naturally, to re-accustom our bodies and reacquire the knowledge necessary for a life in accordance with nature will not happen in one day, or even in a generation. But as soon as ones put their foot on this path their hearts fill with hope and joy!

The second is to accept that we don’t have what is needed to live in accordance with nature, and that it’s our responsibility, our duty, our mission, our role to work at it, that is to develop our abilities to sow, tend and harvest our family gardens. We also must prepare to pass on this understanding and knowledge to future generations. On this path it is justifiable and necessary to use the tools of the system. Anastasia says it, as well as Sun Bear this great medicine man, who was a precious mentor for me and who was a precursor of the new earth in his teachings and books. It’s an evidence anyway, we do not know how to live without these tools today, and thus we need to use them. But our vision, our understanding has to be that they are a benign and temporary pain. These crutches and prostheses that ultimately these technologies are, ways to ease our handicaps towards nature, are but a process of healing, of restoring, of returning towards the perfect health of one who lives in natural harmony with the earth mother.

Our divine nature is that the world was created for us and that we are in fact the gods and goddesses of this world when we cultivate its gardens! The one who understands this knows that it’s against nature to have to work. Having to work to earn a living is a false programming and conditioning so people will become slaves of the system. Everything grows and matures with great abundance in nature, and is always available when our bodies need it the most. In prior times we didn’t even need to think about it, our hands would take the fruit to our mouths without need for thought, like breathing, as we lived in paradise. All of nature is at our service, even the animals and the elements, thus, work? It’s our slaves’ condition in the system, forced to pay taxes to the beast to benefit from its technologies, technologies that are destroying the natural world that has us enslaved in the system’s work force. Thus, it’s important to use technology in building the new earth with the understanding that we need to slowly reduce its use as we move forward. It’s the intention with which we use the system which confirms its legitimacy. In doing this we will gradually see that the beast is condemned to die, having devoured its own innards in wanting to reduce into slavery what is divine, Man and Woman, heirs of the earth and mother nature.

Peace, Joy, Love and Light

Blue Eagle

[1] To better understand this I’ve written a book available in English in ebook form THE PHILOSOPHY OF NATURE

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