This term defines an approach to life where technology becomes the standard for evolution. He who has the biggest cannon and the biggest bomb is the most evolved person and is thus justified in flattening his neighbor because he has the means to do it. Although common sense says that this behavior is erroneous and false, it is nevertheless the standard on which our current world is built. We’ve destroyed aboriginal peoples on all continents with the justification that since our technology is more advanced than theirs that we are thus more evolved and that we should thus civilize these barbaric peoples by force if necessary. As their life style is healthier and more relaxed they don’t want to leave it, so violence ensues sometimes ending in total genocide. They are the bases on which the current world justifies its colonization of the lands of aboriginal peoples on all the continents. It is very important to understand, as this characterizes our world civilization with its dependency on technology. The current wars are wars of technology where weapons of mass destruction are so powerful that nations don’t dare use them but continue to make them because their enemies do. This is very stupid and dangerous but it’s the reality we live in.

One of the most harmful and pernicious thought forms of today’s civilization is the belief that technology is going to find solutions to the problems we have. For example, we believe that one day science and medicine will find cures for all our diseases. This belief is false. In the given example, if it were true, we would have much fewer diseases than formerly, because pharmaceutical companies are hard at work developing all kinds of medications. In reality medical books are full of a horrifying number of pathologies and new ones appear every year. Compare that with aboriginal societies where there were no hospitals because there was no need for them, and no doctors because disease was rare and everyone knew what herbs to use, and that will put a lot of things into perspective.

If we look at the innumerable problems of our current civilizations and scroll back to the source of this problem, we will find some form of technology.

Ex. – Injustice – if we go back to the source we shall find the technology of the banking system. Money creates disparities between Men and allows some to possess obscene wealth whereas their neighbors live in poverty. The rich can defend themselves with lawyers and other means which money can buy, but the poor man can be the victim of any nasty bureaucrat and rich people who would take advantage of him. There are millions of examples of such injustices.

Ex.- Cancer. Scientific studies have proven that they are most often caused by chemicals and excessive radioactivity, two technologies that don’t exist in aboriginal societies.

Thus, to think that technology can find remedies to the problems it has created is a vicious circle which leads only to more problems and to the progressive degeneracy of human beings on all levels.




There is a fundamental difference in the scientific culture of technocratic civilizations and that of aboriginal nations. This difference is that for aboriginal people the whole universe is alive. Technocratic science considers that stones, planets and elements are divested of life. The essential wisdom of the world consider that everything is alive, the universe, planets, stars, winds and stones. The proof of the consciousness which inhabits the whole universe is easy to find, but science does not know how to see reality.

Modern science is more like a religion, where the premises accepted by the establishment have more weight and importance than reality. The description of Vine Deloria Jr in RED EARTH WHITE LIES is very eloquent. With supporting evidence and documentation he illustrates the ineptitudes of several scientific disciplines when they speak of the First Nations of America. We can clearly see in his analysis that what presides over the conclusions of several scientific disciplines it is not the truth but indeed any possible assertion that could decrease the rights of Native Americans to live on their ancestral lands.

To resume the analyses of this great Native American thinker, current science in more interested in prestige than a rigorous establishment of facts. The reputation of an academician, his power over his peers and his publications hold more weight than new theories which would advance science. Certain sciences assert postulates which are the result of suppositions not supported by serious studies. Often new data which can counter the official theory are refused without any verification for the sole reason that they do not support the theories accepted by academicians.

Ex.- The analyzes by Vine Deloria of the theory of the migration of the Paleo-amerindians by the Bering Strait and its impossibility in spite of the firm position which hold anthropologists, illustrate science more interested with the status quo that the truth.

Thus, we have come to understand that often current scientific affirmations are not a way to describe truth or reality but rather constitute an assembly of dogmatic principles which confer an artificial authority to those who hold academic titles.

Ex.- Often demonstrated in the media are assertions of various scientific authorities about different products like those promulgated some decades ago that tobacco and cigarettes are harmless for one’s health.

It is necessary to understand that philosophy should be at the heart of any scientific discipline. Indeed, if we deprive science of an ethical orientation and the basic morality that philosophy can confer we shall have a science which will serve the needs of governments, industry and business and where the best inventions, those that are the cheapest and give more results are hidden to promote those that give the most profit and are often the most destructive.

Ex. – Combustion engines that use petroleum. These are very polluting and make lots of noise. Extracting crude oil from the earth is very damaging to the earth itself. Many problems come from this technology. Numerous inventions such the engines which are to propelled by water exist but were either bought back and hidden, or the inventors were reduced to silence or killed.


Ex.- One of the best disinfectants that exist, colloidal silver in water is of a surprising efficiency while being completely non-toxic. It can be used externally and internally. Official medicine never uses colloidal silver and even tries to prohibit its use as it costs almost nothing to produce and heals many problems and difficult infections.

A science that is not harmonized by philosophic thought can also create inventions which threaten the future of Man.

Ex. – Nuclear armament and the nuclear energy that produce extremely toxic radioactive waste which remain toxic and radioactive for dozens of thousands of years.

Nevertheless, science can offer data which can serve to verify the concepts of philosophy. Quantum physics amongst others is finding many principles that have been First Nations’ traditional teachings for centuries. The existence of parallel dimensions, relativity, super strings and other current theories of physicists all find their correspondences in the wisdom and teachings of aboriginal peoples. The major difference is that science has no order or way of integrating its new theories into a global holistic vision of the world whereas the aboriginal vision of the universe where everything is alive offers this possibility. There is an immense work of harmonization that needs to happen in the educational institutions of the world to attune science with universal values. Science needs to integrate ethics and philosophic morality before it’s really useful and non-destructive.


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