Dear readers,

As it’s the custom to offer best wishes on New Years day, I want to innovate today and visualize what 2018 could be for us all.

Indeed, our tomorrows are built with the thoughts, words and actions of yesterday. Wise people who know that, spend time, daily, thinking about what they really want in their lives and then visualizing in all its details these things, events and people whom they wish to see appearing in their days on earth.

Thus, will you accompany me in envisioning tomorrows that would be beneficial for you, for Humanity and the earth? Using the stages of the traditional ceremony to accomplish that which we want to manifest, lets imagine tomorrow…

Let us start by centering, burning a little sage or vaporizing a little Chiiyaam… let us be comfortable, with some time in front of us, breathing calm, peace…

  • What do we really want? Would what we wish be beneficial for the earth, nature, our family, our friends…? Let us take time to purify our intentions, so that we do not inherit just any old thing or circumstance, but really what is right and good for us, for others, for the earth and for nature.
  • Now let us imagine the people who can help us with that. In our minds eye, let us prepare them a place, welcome them, see the gifts, the talents and the resources that they bring. Let us visualize beneficial circumstances which will help with the realization of what we wish. Let us see all the details, lets take time to imagine the maximum favorable circumstances, beneficial energies and gracious people helping us achieve our wishes.
  • The universe is generous, but before we can inhale we must exhale. Thus, our breathing translates a universal law. To receive, we need to give. Thus, let us energise our wishes!! Let us sing, dance, make offerings, burn some sweet grass or vaporize some Miwahu, promise the universe a donation, maybe to a person or organization that represents what we wish, let the universe vibrate with our joy and our energy! Let us be grateful for what we have already, let’s say THANK YOU for all that we have already received, even the hard knocks, as it’s often from them that we’ve learned the most and grown fastest. Let us send the universe lots of energy while envisioning our wishes.
  • Now, let us return to calm. Let us listen to what comes. Let us see in our mind’s eye our wishes already there. They will appear, not always when and how we thought they would, but it’s certain that they will come to be. Thus, let us also release all grasping to the manner and time when our wishes will appear so as to not put obstacles in their way. Let us see them accomplished.

OSADA — It is good.

Happy New Year 2018 !!!!

Blue Eagle

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