Soft fog of early morning flowing over the gentle hills

White horses flow into the mist like sirens of the earth

The sun slowly rises yet remains behind the clouds while the blue sky tries to leak through, shyly showing itself here and there through the vast horizon

Thus, the truth will finally begin to be seen, despite the ceaseless, anxious activities of man

He will begin comprehending that his happiness does not reside in the arrogant constructions of huge cities but in the peace and happiness of his gardens

Poisons of technology spread as mortal and morbid venomous snakes through the elements of the earth, while the bio robots of darkness attack all that shines with the light of what is good and true

But the strength of the bearers of light increases and panic stirs in the heart of those who depend on this beast with seven heads, the evil technocratic system

A new day is offered that we may carry the mantles of love, joy and harmony despite all this madness

And laugh to tears that we are again and still magicians of the new earth.

Written on novembre 23rd 2011,  Ferme le Bois-le-Conte, Orval, Belgium,

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