Hopi Elder David Monongye – and Anastasia


I recently told you about our visit to Montana to see OhShinnàh Fastwolf. Many years ago she was appointed by the Hopis to accompany a much respected spiritual elder, keeper of the Hopi prophecies, David Monongye. They went together to many places in the USA, notably to the United Nations, to bear witness of these prophecies. She told us several stories about this during our visit showing us numerous photos of them together. Here is part of a short speech that David pronounced during his visit with the Rainbow family in 1972. Afterward, another elder, Manitonquat of the Wampanoag nation, was with the Rainbows family during a large gathering when a sign was given to confirm that in fact the Hippie movement (who are now called the Rainbow family) indeed were those indicated by the prophecies as being warriors of the rainbow. They were not the only ones; organizations such as Greenpeace also correlate as defenders of the earth mother announced by the Hopi prophecies.

I also know that afterward a long peaceful resistance was held by the rainbow family to defend Black Mesa from the coal companies. I don’t know if they were successful, it was a long time ago and I didn’t follow the story closely.

If I speak of this to you today it’s to underline the correspondence between what Anastasia and David Monongye say about our influence here. Both assert that it’s taking care and responsablity for the land, one small plot of land at a time, and by sowing seeds to grow plants that embellish the earth, making it a beauteous garden, that we shall succeed in healing our earth and humanity.

Hopi Eldest Elder David Monongye, to the Rainbow Family in 1972

“It is clear that you and we are working for the same Great Spirit. We all desire Peace in our lives, for our children and for everyone. Because this is what you are working for, we know that you are warriors of the rainbow, but whether your are the Warriors of the Rainbow that have been foretold well, that is another matter, but you are young and full of hope and there is much life stretching out in front of you.”

“If you want to know a task that we believe The Rainbow Warriors will accomplish, it is to rid the Black Mesa of the demon machines that the coal companies have put there. These are sacred lands for us and they are being destroyed for coal and the smoke in the sky that the coals brings.”


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