TOMATE-CERISEA summer morning, they are rare now, we feel autumn coming, trees are changing colour, losing a few leaves. But it’s just the beginning, they are still all dressed and starting to put on their fineries in red, orange and yellow. I like these days where we feel the energy changing, when there’s a lot to do in the garden, harvesting winter vegetables and preparing the perennials for winter. 


Planning and response to my teachings in Europe are going well.  Already several people have registered we are having to ask the venue for the maximum of available places. I have begun thinking of how to push my concerts. I’m looking for a name for this concert, concert for the earth or Let us save the Earth! Songs for the motherland, wondering whats the best way of translating the essence of what I’m singing. If you have any suggestions …


A comment left on the French blog below the last article on David Monongye comes back with old world rhetoric, saying our rituals should not be shared with white people. Yet it was clearly said in the prophecies that in this time we would teach to all nations how to protect the earth from destruction. Our spirituality would be a path, a sign leading back to all people’s own original earth spirituality. This is often called shamanism, term which I find reductive when we talk about earth spirituality. I can see the power tomorrow’s children will have, those who will be born on family domains, and that’s much more powerful than the shamanism that we know today. But one day at a time, we are still battling against a destructive system which needs to be transformed, and we’re working at it, each of us in our gardens, to be free of programmed, genetically modified and anonymous foods, cultivated and prepared by machines, which we find in the super markets. That’s our first step, to reaffirm our belonging to the earth, making it bloom in beauty again. 


With that I wish you a magnificent day.


Blue Eagle

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