VISIT TO AN OLD FRIEND – OhShinnah Fastwolf


I’m back from a trip to the USA to see an old teacher of mine, OhShinnah Fastwolf of the Apache.  She also has Mohawk and 1/8 Scot. 

Words are too small for what happened. I went there for 2 reasons: one to see after so many years this charismatic teacher that has done so much to further our access to the red road. Secondly, so she could meet Minthé.  Minthé is known as the water shaman in Europe. I tested her out and she’s the real thing. When I met her I clearly saw OhShinnah in my mind’s eye and knew they had to meet. They both work with water spirits.

I was right. They recognized each other at first glance. After a few days the feeling grew so strong OhShinnah adopted Minthé into her family and initiated her into the warrior woman ways of the Apache.

It was so good to see her again. 

Peace and light all

Blue Eagle


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