Dear Readers,

So many things are happening. It’s a challenge to be able to continue efforts to bring peace, love and joy into our lives and into the excellent products that we offer in the form of our shamanic high quality natural perfumes. As they convey the fragrance of the new world and allow for high energy transformation to enhance vitality and health, they are very important for our users. I have bottles everywhere in my home as I use them consistently throughout the day. We are in need of efficient collaborators to push these ventures to the next level. Thus, my days are full of so much activity as I also seek to organize the next offering of shamanic teachings in western Canada and the North West of the USA.

My collaboration with gaia.com for the has published its 4th episode another coming Monday.

Resistance is being organized in Canada to affirm our human right and dignity to health products of natural origin that the Canadian government as slaves of big pharma and deep state are attempting to limit their availability. Please consider helping by signing this petition https://petitions.ourcommons.ca/en/Petition/Sign/e-4474. There are only a few days left to do this, this petition initiated by Rob Morrison from Kootenay—Columbia of the Conservative Caucus of British Columbia closes on the 8th of August. Also go to the www.nhppa.com web site a grass-roots organization involved in organizing the resistance. More info on my blog here. 

Thus, not much energy or time on this a well-deserved rest day to write another article of my reflections on our world. I’ll do better next weekend. But let me share that the changes are coming, big time. We are moving into our divine right to manifest abundance, health, longevity, in harmony with nature. So many people are working really hard to manifest our divine right to dignity and freedom to manifest pure truth and right action. Courage and strength be with you and may hope and love permeates your life. May the force be with you 😊!!

Love and Light to all




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