Eagle Danse – Spring Equinox Ceremony Quebec 2018

Dear Readers,

I’m starting to feel ancient still writing when everyone is doing videos 😊!

I’m old and happy, still kicking and still working as my health is maintaining at a high level. (I don’t look my age) If you really want to live to be very old and healthy, it’s quite possible. I’ve been researching this my whole life. So much information has been kept hidden from us in a supposedly modern age. I’ve found evidence and first-hand accounts of people still alive today living to be 300, 800, and even 1,000 years old. Documented! This has been kept away from the public eye. The media is lying to you when they say that life expectancy in society is getting higher; it’s the contrary. People are dying younger and younger and its deliberate. Never listen to mainstream media. It’s all manipulation, programming, conditioning, they are mind fucking you to believing in a narrative that has nothing to do with pure truth.

If you want access to pure truth and mind-boggling reality go to

And if you want advice and guidance on how to get healthy and remain that way into an old age, I can help. Comments are moderated here so you can write to me and it will remain confidential if you so wish.

What we need to understand is that the current world order is trying to coerce us into being mindless slaves that die young and have limited ability to reflect and find the truth. They would like us to become soulless cyborgs that respond to all the dictates from governement and those that will be coming through the AI guided 5G Skynet network. That’s why your bodies are full of heavy metals that the water is polluted with fluoride, aluminum and other dangerous metals, like graphene given to you through the covid jabs. This mix creates other alloys that affect the pineal gland, preventing free thought and makes you highly suggestible. The presence of nanobots in the vaxs has been proven. It’s coming, we all need to be aware of this.

In the end it’s a good thing as it is awakening a lot of people. We will have no choice if we choose to remain divinely inspired humans to stop feeding these govern-ments (mind control) that are trying to take our souls away from us, to better control us, to reduce us to sickly brain washed automates. No, I’m not going there. I love the world, its beautiful nature, the rain, the birds, the trees, the love of family and friends, the life in abundance. How a person would want to remain in a virtual digital artificial world is beyond me.

Our souls are eternal and immortal. Why abandon this for a dreary computer world that will dissolve at death? This is not what’s intended for us by Creator. Great Spirit’s will and love for the supreme human is that we are at the apex of life, we are destined to create worlds and move stars. Why settle for less?

Love and Light to all

P.S. – For Canadians or conscious anonymous World citizens with good VPN settings in Canada please help resist the Canadian policies that want to restrict our access to natural products .  Here’s another way to help :



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