Everything begins within the dream. Every enterprise and every revolution in the way of life of mankind began in someone’s thoughts. It is the immortal mind that generates thought which in turn organizes the universe. As my recent article on quantum science and research in this scientific field demonstrates, our thoughts and the aspirations and feelings that animate them, are the basis for the organization of all creation. The universe is Great Spirit’s dream. In the beginning there was only emptiness and the Great Spirit dreamed of life. Then, from the void emerged the raw materials that formed the nebulae, stars and planets, and quietly life blossomed on countless worlds.

We are potential in the making, made of the same substance as Great Spirit. As almost every religion in the world affirms, we were created in the image of God, in his likeness. We are here to help in the work of creation. Here on earth, we are in kindergarten and for some in the first years of primary school on this path that leads us to become creators of worlds. Our souls will return a few hundred or a few thousand times, to earth or to other planets, to evolve into a better understanding of creation and how we can contribute to it. One day we will no longer need a physical body and will work at creation directly from the light!

So, the first thing that matters in our quest to transform this blind system that is destroying life on earth and humanity in its relationship with its glorious planet is to visualize the ideal. What is this ideal?

There is a difference between invention and co-creation. We have invented technology, but it is not alive. A car does not reproduce, it is a dead thing that has cost a lot of money to produce and continues to pollute the biosphere. All technology is dead. Machines are not alive, they all eventually break and need to be repaired or scraped and a new one manufactured. Life reproduces itself and does not create pollution. Look at a horse and a car. Which one will better serve life? All technology in the long run is the death of humanity, because what gives life is the incredible complexity of biodiversity on mother earth. Trees give us the oxygen we breathe and they get part of their substance from the waste produced by animals. What harms environments harms life. Everything is interconnected.

Co-creation begins with understanding the laws of nature. Observing life around us and how it nourishes the family. How the plants we eat grow and how the animals that contribute to life live and thrive. Complemented by the sun, the moon, the stars, the winds, the fires, the waters, the soil, all this creates life. This is what we need to understand, not with the help of science that studies dead things[1], but by observing how the family lives in the natural world. This is why we speak of co-creation. Creating from the fundamental laws of life as illustrated in Great Spirit’s immense encyclopedia, nature. To create with the laws of nature as it is revealed in the daily life of our family is called co-creation.

Thus, the basis of co-creation is the family. But a family does not live alone. It needs other families to create life. One cannot marry into the same family without suffering genetic defects and the resulting diseases and deformities. This is an easily observable natural law. Thus, the basis of the family is the community. Not society where people seek to take from others in order to better enrich themselves, with this dictatorship of banking, monetary and financial technology that currently controls humanity, but the community where all help each other and contribute mutually to increase the potential of life among themselves and in nature around them.

Thus, the creation of small farming communities where each family takes responsibility for its own piece of land to cultivate and care for in order to increase life and biodiversity, can be our aspiration and our dream. Finding how to free ourselves from the yoke of this system that uses our sweat and blood to feed enslavement, war and pollution, to dream of a common relationship of several families who take responsibility for the land where they grow their food, clothing and the homes they live in. This creates great happiness, an incredible sense of accomplishment, an immense joy to see the beauty that nature reveals when it can bloom around us through our enlightened actions. It is the useful work of co-creation that amplifies life! For the ultimate goal of creation is not the invention of intelligent robots devoid of emotions, nor of half-human cyborgs without a soul, whose functions are managed by artificial intelligence, but rather life in plenitude with a maximum of all that makes a Man and a Woman: a powerful, resilient and harmonious physical body, feelings and emotions filled with joy, peace and love for family, community, animals and all life in nature, a mind that sees reality clearly with a highly developed speed of thought and extraordinary memory, and a seamless connection with invisible realms and entities of high spirituality. This is the dream. If we hold this dream in our consciousness, it will be born into the world. It may not be in our lifetime, but we will come back and continue this work. We must also understand that everything is connected, that the earth itself will force humanity into this way of life. It’s cyclical. The great planetary purification is already in action, it is being felt more and more each day. Let us dream together of a better world and create the organizations that will contribute to it. Like our nonprofit Domains for the Earth. In this way, each of us can begin today the work of healing humanity in its relationship with the biosphere. Through dreams. Through thought. Through visualization. This will lead to enlightened actions that will lead to our evolution as creators of a pristine healthy earth and eventually other beautiful worlds.

The happiness, joy, bliss and ecstasy that we experience when we contemplate our co-creative work with those we love has no similarity or comparison with the prisons of modern societies where people are forced to work for many hours in artificial environments, often for a pittance, where joy is often replaced by addictions (alcohol, too much harmful foods, drugs, virtual entertainment, gambling, etc.). While many are starving all over the world through the inequalities created by monetary and banking technology, others are becoming obese and indescribably mean, hateful and destructive, as they feel entitled because they have the financial means to do so. This world must be transformed and this starts in your thoughts, now, today.

Peace, Joy, Light and Love to each of you.

Luke Blue Eagle

P.S. —Several great sages who share this same vision, say that it’s legitimate to use technology to build these family domains and communities of family domains. I would add that we should nevertheless do as much as possible by hand and quietly decrease our dependency on dead technologies. Look at the Amish people. They still live like this in our modern world! A tool that you make with your hands, in my eyes as demonstrated by the magical tools of my native ancestors, becomes a living tool. Here is just one small example, which I have found amongst thousands of others from our ancestors as well as in my own shamanic tools. In several indigenous nations of North America there are stories of incredibly powerful bows made by some hunters. This story I have heard 3 times and they are also documented by the first European colonizers in the great plains of Central America and in the Arctic. The particularity of these bows is that only the ones who made them were able to shoot them. These archers weren’t necessarily the strongest, but try as hard as they could, no other tribesman could pull on these bows and shoot an arrow with them. But when those who made them used them, the arrows they shot were so powerful that they could go through a buffalo or caribou and kill a second one behind it. That is the power of co-creation! It works with the magic of the world. Technology has killed our magical environment and as modern film-making emphasizes, we long for it. This is the path back to our indigenous human heritage. Don’t forget that we all come from indigenous tribes living in harmony with the land. Civilizations are recent, 12,000 years and are a temporary occurrence in our 19-million-year history on this planet. They were created by the will to control people and the environment through monetary technology. The laws of the universe are very clear to the enlightened mind. Life strives not from enslavement but through interdependence and communion with all that is.


[1]   I like the metaphor of Vladimir Megre, author of a series of books about a Siberian recluse Anastasia, who describes the scientist who asks himself: “Where does the incredible beauty I see in this woman come from? He dissects her to try to find it, but it’s gone, as the beauty was in her life and not in her death.

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