As human beings we are multidimensional. We exist on several planes of existence and have access to many dimensions. We can travel in spirit to many worlds. Our spirit has no limit of time or space. It can travel to the past as well as to the future, to other planets and galaxies, to physical worlds and immaterial worlds. For the vast majority of young souls on planet earth, the mind is firmly attached to the body and when they travel at night they have little memory of the dimensions they have visited. But the potential is there.

All of this is of little importance in the face of what is most important, which is our evolution as the participants in the gigantic oeuvre of creation. The manifestation, the created universe, is constantly expanding and has no end. There is, of course, a breath there as in all things, after the expansion always comes a moment of contraction. After its final expansion, a star closes in on itself, decreases in size millions of times and one day disappears into a black hole to be reborn elsewhere. But after the contraction there is expansion again. It is endless. To participate in this great work, we are at kindergarten school here on planet earth for a whole series of lives. On other worlds too, so in total countless lives. The purpose of evolution is to become co-creators of countless worlds.

For all human beings, there is a beginning, but no end. The measure of our evolution is determined by what we can contribute around us. What have we given to those we love? What have we added to the world around us? Have we protected life and amplified the living? Have we had children or improved the living conditions of other children? Have we forgotten ourselves in order to better give to others? What have we created to promote the well-being and health of people, animals or plants? These questions are important, because they will allow us to evaluate if we are making the most of our time on earth.

I remember[1] a soul who appeared after her most recent life before the panel of compassionate and loving guides who review with the soul the life she had just completed. This woman noticed that her main guide was wearing a large cougar pendant on his chest. He explains that it was to honor the powerful moment, the great achievement of this woman’s life. She had encountered a hungry cougar in the forest while foraging for food with her daughter. The cougar had tried to attack her little girl for food. She defended her with a simple knife she used to dig for edible roots and defeated the cougar but died doing so. This is what this guide panel wanted to honor and highlight for her. This self-sacrifice was a milestone, an accomplishment that crowned a life that had taken her far along the path of evolution.

The Mother Teresas and Mahatma Gandhis of this world are beacons that illuminate the path of evolution with their self-giving. It is the small gestures of love and self-giving in our daily lives that determine our evolution. Travelling to other worlds is possible, yes, the shamanic journey opens doors to countless dimensions and worlds, but in the end is it really important? Yes, if it allows us to help those we love and the world around us. No, if it is only an experience to be had. We must beware this attitude Chogyam Trungpa, a great Tibetan master, called spiritual materialism. People who go from one weekend seminar to another, who talk a lot about this and that, but who in the end do not practise anything. It is better to have a small simple practice and to practise it often than to know a lot of techniques, but not implementing them in our daily schedules. It is in the manifestation, in the beneficial influence that we have on the world around us, that the greatest opportunity for positive evolution lies. Our spiritual practices must be aimed at increasing our abilities to promote life in all its forms. One day we will travel to many stars and through many dimensions creating the best conditions for the beauteous eclosion of life in myriad forms.

Joy and Peace, Love and Light for all.

[1] Michael Newton, Journey of Souls, Llewellyn Publications, Woodbury, Minnesota, USA

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