In fact, in spite of its name, the killer whale belongs to the dolphin family. Orcas are apex predators, at the very top of the food chain and knows no enemy at sea. Orcas are enormous, dozens of times bigger than a Man, weighing between 5 and 10 tons. Nevertheless the Klingit and Haïda Indians considers it friendly to men. Orcas lives like wolves, in packs or rather pods as are called the grouping of whales. The name that the First Nations of the West Coast of Canada give Orcas is Black Fish.

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DEER – animal totem

The purest image of deer medicine is that of the doe. The deer embodies the energy of tenderness and gentleness; tenderness emanates from compassion and true compassion is silent. Of all the herbivores, the roe deer is one of those who speak the least. It will emit certain sounds, but even these are relatively discreet.

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THE SQUIRREL – totem animal

The squirrel is a very charming animal and is extremely rapid: he can run around a tree four times in a single second.
The squirrel is also very quarrelsome! He is very protective of his environment. When something is wrong, everyone around knows all about it!

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THE OWL – totem animal

The owl is often associated to the dark side as it’s a bird of prey that hunts at night. It has the ability to fly without noise in the dark so its preys are unconscious of its presence until they are taken into its claws. It eats a lot of mice and other small animals. It has a great vision, and his head can rotate almost 360°. This is a fascinating ability!

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Dog carries the medicine of the loyalty and faithfulness, the everlasting allegiance to friends and family. He is often considered as best man’s best friend, with reason, as his affection and loyalty exceeds by far … Read more

THE COUGAR – totem animal

The cougar, puma, or mountain lion, is leadership medicine. A person with cougar medicine teaches by example. It is a difficult medicine because the person is put in a position where he can be the … Read more

THE TURTLE – totem animal

The turtle is a symbol of Mother Earth. Actually, we live on a continent whose original name is the “Great Turtle Island”. If you look at a map, you can see its head as the … Read more


It’s important to understand that different cultures have different ways of looking at animals. The Judeo-Christian culture has a very negative regard towards the snake. The snake, in Native American culture, is very powerful medicine. … Read more

The fox – totem animal

The fox has several different symbolisms; it is a very special animal because it is really a survivor. It has retractile claws, a bit like a cat, and can actually climb a tree, like a … Read more


The bear is one of the strongest of all creatures and Native people from the North East of Canada, where I come from, consider the bear as very close to Great Spirit. It’s the animal associated with the energy of the West cardinal point. Our legends say that Creator created other creators that created other creators, that created what we have on earth, but that the bear comes straight from Great Spirit, like humans do. Actually, if you take the skin off a bear, and hang up the carcass without the outer fur, very strangely it resembles a human being. The bear is like the human in respect that it can eat anything, it has a very varied diet: it can eat roots, leaves, larva, honey, meat, it knows all the medicine herbs and roots, it eats anything, just like Man.

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