FROG – animal totem

The key-word for frog medicine is purification.

Many Native cultures consider that the frog’s song attracts the rain. Frog’s medicine is that of water. It teaches us to honor our tears, as they are the sign that the soul is taking a bath. We say that all rites and initiations made with water belong to frog.

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THE SWAN – totem animal

The keys words for swan medicine are grace, confidence and fidelity. Swan moves with infinite grace on the water as in the sky. This is the outer sign of the confidence which resides in this graceful water bird. In First Nation’s spiritual world the swan is associated with the medicine of shamanic journeying, these journeys into the unknown where we must sometime dive in without knowing what we are going to find in the whirlpools of energy which separate the various spiritual worlds and dimensions.

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ARMADILLO – totem animal

Armadillo speaks to us of protection, a protection which establishes the borders of the space which we protect around oneself. The armadillo is really not an aggressive being! It has a very hard shell and, when it rolls itself into a ball, it’s almost impossible for a predator to get at it.

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The Bat – Totem Animal

The bat symbolizes shamanic initiation. The word shaman is a word coming from the Toungouse language, also called Evenk, a language of Eastern Siberia, which means “one who was twice born”. Indeed, most shamanic initiations reactivate the idea of dying and being reborn, and most of the spiritual traditions include this legend, this myth, the best known being that of the dead and resuscitated Christ.

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Very rare are the people with loon medicine, as rare as this bird who inhabits during the summer the great lakes of the northern parts of Canada. Renowned for his eerie calls that ripple through the evening, the loon has inspired many a story and myth in the lore of many Native American people.

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