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My blog has been around since 2008. It has about 500 articles on a variety of topics most related to the health, spirituality and wisdom of the First Nations of America.

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PORCUPINE – totem animal

Porcupine is a very peaceful being, it always moves slowly. If it is attacked, it does not panic it just rolls itself into a ball. Although slow its also happy and serene. It is associated in the symbolism of First

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Morning rises on the sea of cloud free awareness.  As it awaits the sun all of nature quivers silently in infinite peace. Like beads between the fingers of a monk, like water around the rocks of a stream moments of

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Two suggestions from two different readers have come to me this week. The first one, what is the difference between the personality, the ego, and the authentic being, the self, and 2nd where do I find all my inspiration. Curiously,

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