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My blog has been around since 2008. It has about 500 articles on a variety of topics most related to the health, spirituality and wisdom of the First Nations of America.

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Soft fog of early morning flowing over the gentle hills White horses flow into the mist like sirens of the earth The sun slowly rises yet remains behind the clouds while the blue sky tries to leak through, shyly showing

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THE SWAN – totem animal

The keys words for swan medicine are grace, confidence and fidelity. Swan moves with infinite grace on the water as in the sky. This is the outer sign of the confidence which resides in this graceful water bird. In First

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For 4 years now I’ve used and distributed the ASEA products which  amaze so many health practitioners and have helped and healed thousands of people worldwide. We have several new testimonies every week. I do not always pester you with

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