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My blog has been around since 2008. It has about 500 articles on a variety of topics most related to the health, spirituality and wisdom of the First Nations of America.

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A recurring preoccupation in comments from my readers and people who come for healing is addiction. A vast majority of people today suffer from a form or other of addiction and dependencies. Most are not conscious of it. Anything can

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Wise Hopi Elder with the Rainbow Family

In this month before the annual gathering of the Rainbow family, I’ve received a heartfelt communication by a rainbow brother that brought back many moving memories. The international Rainbow movement-family-tribe-nation are Men and Women of all races who reject the

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The modern Pow Wow is a time for celebration of Indigenous community and identity. It’s also an event that honours our heritage and proudly reaffirms First Nation’s culture and traditions. The Pow Wow has two aspects: the traditional Pow Wow

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