After a lifetime dedicated to teaching Native American spirituality and protecting Mother Earth, I’m going on well-deserved retirement. I no longer travel. I will no longer teach, except perhaps a conference from time to time for associations that protect nature.

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Dear readers,

I’ve been absent on the English side of my blog for quite some time now…  Very active on the French side although I’m now taking a 30 day break from everything.  Every year, around winter solstice I take a least a month to renew.  I’m like a bear, I like to hibernate.

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Health and Wellness Expos – Calgary – NOW !

Health and Wellness Expos of Canada Calgary Wellness Expo 2020 7 March –  10h -18h 8 March – 12h – 17h Posted by Loretta’s Wellness Circle on Saturday, March 7, 2020  


The modern Pow Wow is a time for celebration of Indigenous community and identity. It’s also
an event that honours our heritage and proudly reaffirms First Nation’s culture
and traditions. The Pow Wow has two aspects: the traditional Pow Wow and the competitive Pow Wow.

The traditional Pow Wow is an event that focuses on Indigenous traditions and spirituality.

The competition Pow Wow is the expression of the cultural character of the event. It’s also the
opportunity for participant dancers and musicians to receive prizes.

Whether it’s the traditional Pow Wow or competitions, you’ll always find artists, artisans and
people who are passionate and proud of their culture, tradition and history.
These people want to share with you what they hold precious during this
celebration time that’s open to all.

Close to Québec city, in Wendake, from the 28th to the 30th of June come
attend the Huronne-Wendat Nation’s Annual Pow Wow. You will see traditional ceremonies and different dances and singing competitions happening throughout the weekend.

Invocation will have a booth on the Pow wow site so please come and see us. We will be happy to see you and ready to anwer all your questions! I’ll be there from 14h to 17h saturday and sunday.

Happy Pow Wow to all!

Here are some other Pow wow. At these Powwows Invocation will be represented by Pops.

June 29-30 – Ste Perpetuel

July 6-7 – Odanak

July 13 – 14 -Grand Gathering oj First Nations – Mashteuiatsh

3-4 August – Manawan

10 – 11 August -Pessamit

31 August – 2 September – Wemotaci 14 – 15 Sept – Wôlinak

Here is a link to all Pow  Wows this summer:


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