I sometimes listen to the news in my car, as I travel from home to my natural perfume company Invocation. Very bad times we live in: environmental problems, social injustices, wars, crimes, scandals… When we examine the actions and motivations of high-ranking government officials and those of most international companies, we see that more inclined to favor commerce to the detriment of the ecology we understand that this technocratic society is destined to disappear. Obviously, this system does not work. Hence all these people who struggle to change things, who shout their misery, their disapproval and their anger, parading in the streets with banners, petitions, and whatnot… It’s like trying to kill water with a sword…

It is very important that we find solutions to this situation that threatens all life on earth. Science and technology are so dominant that the majority of the human beings believe that they have the answers we need… We have become dependent on technology… But it’s a huge illusion: neither the governments nor science can solve the problems that we have today. The fact is, they are responsible for these problems!

One Family—One Domain

It is impossible for a man, or even an organization or government to remedy the current environmental and human problems. Pollution is not limited by any artificial boundary. There are too many problems in all parts of the world. It is thus necessary to find a realistic global solution that addresses them all and that all families can implement. The only way to protect nature is by living in nature and of nature. Thus to protect nature we need to care for it, to take responsibility for a parcel of land that is just big enough that we can take care of it in a meaningful was. In fact, every family can take care of a hectare of land. It is not only possible and relatively easy to do, it’s also pleasant and wholesome. If every family assumes responsibility for one hectare of earth, by growing gardens on that land, by making that piece of earth a place we love and call home, we shall heal the earth. Not only would the earth be healed but also all of humanity in its erring ways, simply, easily, without a fuss, without a fight, in the joy and happiness of life within a small domestic paradise. We could thus heal the earth slowly and gradually, one family one hectare at a time.

The family domain is multidimensional. It answers all the real needs and desires of Man. These are the deep and powerful desires which lead to fulfillment, to realization, to the real human experience where we vibrate in unity with the cosmos and where life transports us in joy, bliss and ecstasies which do not compare with the small artificial, narrow-minded and short-lived pleasures which are the lot of humans in the current technocratic system.

To fully understand this solution I shall explain it one facet, one dimension at a time. Please take time to examine them in the light of your own conscience and thoughts. It is only when the truth is examined in the heart of our own consciousness that it becomes effective and active in our lives. Leave your fears and your doubts aside and dwell on the power of human consciousness: we all have access to the truth within, and truth liberates us.

The Essential Needs

To really understand what a family domain can offer let’s start by looking at what we all need. The essential needs are: water, food, clothing and shelter. It is rather simple to understand that one hectare of land can easily supply all these needs.


The water is naturally cleansed as it trickles down into the earth. If the water on the surface is polluted, it is possible to draw from the depths purer water. We have technical means today to cleanse polluted water and many ways to find and even create water when in harmony and with knowledge of the environment.

I have already mentioned that during this transition from a technocratic world to real life on earth paradise, it is logical and desirable that we use the technological means at our disposal. In the long run, technology will no longer be necessary. We have many natural abilities that are much more powerful than current technological tools, but these abilities have not been used for a very long time. As any muscle that hasn’t been used, these abilities have become atrophied. It may take a few generations of living in nature for these to be reawakened but they will come back.

Water is the blood of the earth. It can be found everywhere, even in the desert. There are numerous stories about how people found simple and practical solutions to water shortage. Even in the desert, there is morning dew and means to collect it can be found. Everything natural is a miracle! As human beings we need to understand that the earth belongs to us and that we belong to the earth. We have innate extraordinary faculties amongst which, intelligence and creativity, that allow us to find simple and effective solutions to all problems with a minimal use of technology. Did you know that if we plant enough trees in the desert, they will call the rain and the desert will be no more? All lands can provide pure water which is essential to life.


Did you know that a land base of approximately one hectare, cultivated by a family, without machinery or other monstrous equipment, produced dozens of times more than land cultivated industrially? Modern agriculture with artificial fertilizers, hybrid and genetically modified seeds, pesticides, herbicides and monstrous machinery damages the earth and produces food that has no soul, plants that have never seen a human being, only enormous machines. That food in the long run is the death of man. No wonder cancer and other degenerative diseases are rampant today.

Plants are aware and conscious of those who cultivate them and these influences their development. The food produced by a family on a family domain answers important ecological criterion. First of all, the most important wealth available to us is BIODIVERSITY! Families will readily cultivate approximately 2,000 different botanical species. Medicinal herbs, fruits, vegetables, flowers, shrubs, trees can be variously arranged in a harmonious way to offer pleasant and beautiful scenery and precious nutrients. This variety allows for different foods to mature at different times all year long. Every week, new plants come to maturity. The order and logic of the universe is infallible and produces the fruit, the flower, the vegetable, the herb which is suited to that particular time of year. During winter, we can dig up vegetables roots which always remain fresh and full of life under the earth. Cold cellars, dried fruit and vegetables and various other ways of keeping food for the winter season used to be standard knowledge in our communities. This also will readily come back to us.

There are very few families who still live in harmony with nature today. People who live in unity with the nature easily reach 110–125 years of age in perfect health. Our technocratic societies are always boasting that life expectancy is growing. But the fact is that individuals of these societies are more and more ill and weak! Diseases number in the thousands and kill faster. Medical treatments are barbarous and very painful. More and more children are born with birth defects and the elders are full of medication, often senile and often half crazy.

The plants, as all the animals and the elements, were created for Man. The plant world is waiting for Man to give it the information that will allow it to develop according to the needs of the ones who cultivate it. If we speak to the plants that we lovingly grow on our domains, if we walk barefoot near them in the morning, if we make small little gifts of our bodily fluids which allow our plants to know our physiology, they will grow according to our needs. They will become our medicine. They will have an incomparable taste and fragrance. Compared to that, the disinfected and anonymous fruits and vegetables which you buy at the supermarket are insipid, flat and ineffective as nutrients. Which ones would you like to give to your children?

The only way of protect the ecology is to draw your sustenance from it. The only way to sustain nature is that it feeds our family without technology. Any other effort to protect the environment is only a temporary solution. The technocratic society which has made human beings dependent on it will continue to destroy nature for monetary profit. It is only when our food comes from our very own family domain that we can change this situation. As more and more families come to live on their own small paradise we will heal the earth, one hectare, one family at a time.

Dwellings And Clothing

Our other needs are a comfortable place to sleep and live and clothing to protect us from the cold and the sun. The houses we live in now are disproportionate with the true needs of a person who lives within nature. An extreme example for us today would be those who live in a small excavation in the earth, packed with fragrant grass. This is warm, so healthy and comfortable, in contact with the regenerative energies of the earth. The light of the moon and the stars can permeate this simple dwelling while it remains warm and comfy. It costs nothing and it is of a comfort most people have no idea of. To sleep in such a place revives and regenerates the body with telluric energies. Indeed, there is a field of cosmic information that the houses and dwellings we live in cut off[1]. You will notice that most traditional indigenous dwellings are round or have curved roofs.

In the same way, those who have always lived within nature do not have the same need for clothing as we do. First of all, their fashions are modelled on nature and the availability of natural materials and not the imperative of commercial fashion. Bodies who have been in contact with nature since birth know how to produce their own heat or cool themselves and will adjust to any temperature. But today, most people’s bodies are not adapted to nature and no longer have these abilities. This allows us to measure our alienation and the distance which separates us from our unity with nature. In the future, after many generations, we will come back to this unity. But today, we are in transition back to this primordial state of grace, that of our earthly paradise.

Once again the land of our family domains will furnish all we need to cloth and house us. For this to happen though, a community of people who live in the same area will be necessary. Earth and clay that are found everywhere can be mixed together and baked to make bricks and tiles for building walls and roofs. Trees become beams and straw can be used in various manners to build houses. Family domains already contain all that is required to build. On the other hand, the knowledge, the competence, the fitness and the expertise required to use them without needing the monetary system, exist only in a community of those who share the same environment and the same vision of life. The ecovillage, the Eco hamlet, the community of life of the residents in family domains becomes the next stage. And the same dynamics repeats in the preparation of clothing with natural fibres. The resources and the competence to make clothing with the resources of our domains (linen, hemp, wool, silk, cotton, bamboo, leather and many other fibres) and how to dye them in beautiful colours with plant substances will appear gradually through community sharing. Much of this information already exists and many people throughout the world are holding on to this valuable information, like the many seed banks that exist in many countries.

Starting the Family Domain and the Future

At first, we shall have to use the resources available in the system, such as financial means to purchase land, to build houses and buy the necessities for clothing. But, in time, after seeing the intense beauty, health, harmony and joy of those who live in family domains, more and more families will also want the same. Communities will then begin to form. When 150 families share the same vision, they will have the means to build schools for their children and communal grounds for the cyclic celebrations which are essential in the life of agricultural communities. They will share their resources and competence which will allow them to build houses and buildings free of charge and financial constraints. In the first countries (Russia and Eastern Europe) to really implement family domains there are now more than 300 ecovillages living in this way. Thousands upon thousands of families have chosen this free and harmonious lifestyle. The state is helping as they have understood the extraordinary benefits this way of life offers to the people and the country. There are also family domains in the USA, in Australia, in Israel, in Canada and certainly in many other countries also. It’s the future was in the past and will be again, bringing happiness and healing to humanity and the earth!

In the long run, the family domains will need to be free of all forms of taxation. The family domain is only transmissible to family members by inheritance. It cannot be sold, purchased by others that are not family. It is important that all foods and products produced on family domains also be exempt from taxation. The governments will come to understand the extraordinary advantages created by the existence of family domains: plentiful food, optimal health thus no more need for expensive and destructive medical systems, the end of unemployment, the end of crime, the end of pollution, and many other benefits. These benefits are beyond what money can buy.

The Family Domain: Source of Eternal Wealth

The earth produces unlimited abundance. When we cultivate our gardens, we frequently notice that they have produced a lot more than we expect or need. This surplus can become a source of income for the family domain. Medicinal herbs, vegetables and fruits which come from family domains are of extraordinary quality and much tastier than industrially grown produce. In fact it’s with great ease that we can harvest great abundance and exchange this abundance for the things we need. I’ve only got a small acre of land around the house and very little time to cultivate it with my busy teaching schedule. Yet I am often amazed at how my small efforts give so much abundance. I actually have to curtail some of it as they sometimes tend to overflow the garden space allotted to that variety. In fact with the wild vegetables and fruit that grow “without permission” on my small acre I’ve got more than I can eat. The dandelion, for example, few people suspect that this beautiful plant has a nutrient value superior to that of broccoli. The dandelion in not only nourishing but is also very therapeutic. The young leaves harvested of the spring clean and tone up the liver and the loins. I have a small book here that describes the many ways to use dandelion. Salads with its leaves, wine with its flowers, a coffee like drink with its roots and several other preparations. Just imagine if we knew the thousand and one virtue of all the wild plants which grow around us naturally. That is in fact where man’s intelligence and learning should be used. Learning from nature is the highest achievement one can aspire to. All of nature speaks of truth. There are no lies in nature. Great Spirit speaks to us constantly through his creation. Learning to read the great book of creation is the highest form of learning and leads to the brightest intelligence. If we truly understand this reality then family domains will prosper. After a few years, small gardening initiatives will feed the families and become a source of income. The earth and the universe are abundantly plentiful. It’s a law of the world. If we truly understand that we are of the earth, that the earth is our heritage, that true happiness and paradise is not in heaven but here on earth then we will do away with famine, poverty, demeaning and tiring jobs, wars, pollution, injustice, and all similar deviances from the life Creator intended for us.

The highest spirituality is knowing nature and then cultivating it. Effectively, Creator speaks to us through his creation. His laws and His teachings are written in the trees, the winds, the animals, the fish, the birds, the rivers, lakes and oceans, the volcanoes, stars, throughout the created world. Great Spirit never speaks directly to any of us. He communicates with us through His extraordinary creation that does not hold a single lie. Every leaf, flower, every insect contains a part of this formidable equation: the universe! Understanding creation cannot be done through books, only directly within nature. It is the highest form of education. When we are immersed in a family domain which respects and cultivates gardens, in harmonic resonance we will understand the nature of the world and our own human nature which is in fact an aspect of Great Spirit. Then, the innate powers and abilities of Man will be revealed. We will develop strength and stamina in our physical bodies that are way past what man can conceive of today. If you really examine the strength and resilience of native people versus modern civilized man, you would come to understand they can hardly compare. Men and women that live in harmony with nature are much stronger and more resilient, their bodies are more harmonious, obesity is unknown of, deformities are non-existent, none of them are bald, and I could go on and on… The emotional stability, balance and love of a family living the good life within nature’s bosom are healthier than the broken families of today’s society. On family domains, as in communities of latter days we develop in our hearts a love that is pure and strong, faithful and loyal to family, friends and community. (This is also almost completely forgotten in our contemporary world.) We develop our memory and an intellect that works at an incredible speed, much faster than the fastest computers of the current world. And we develop the powers of the spirit which are without limit and make us similar to the Creator, to Great Spirit of whom we are the beloved children.

Another Incredible Benefit

As incredible as this may seem, family domains may also lead to immortality. There are very ancient teachings that exist amongst many indigenous nations throughout the world that the most spiritual amongst them reach ages that are unheard of in modern society. I’ve heard of 6 here in America who have reached 830, 827, 139, 127, 125, 120. I have also heard of these teachings in Tibetan Buddhism (Padmasambva who lived more than 2000 years), from the Vedrus of Russia, the Hindus of India, the Sufis of Islam and the Taoists of China (the celebrated 8 immortals). I have met Leonard Orr, the inventor of the rebirth therapeutic protocol, who claims to have met 8 immortals in India the youngest being 300 the oldest 2000. You can also find mention of people living for 800, 900 and sometimes more than a thousand years (King Salomon 2000) in the Bible. These teachings, common to all ancient traditions, claim that there are two forms of immortality; Immortality of spirit, that is retaining the memory of past lives from one life to the next, and immortality in the physical body. The conditions existing in a family domain make it possible to retain memory of past lives and also to reunite with the same people from one life to the next. True spirituality and perfect health emanate from a life in unity with nature.

How can we begin our very own family domain?

We can begin today. Thought is creative. As Man holds within a spark of Great Spirit’s creative mind it allows him to invent many things. These inventions are sometimes useless or downright destructive such as nuclear energy. Before creating anything Man must align his thought with that of creation. All that we create must be in harmony with nature. In this way we speak of co-creation, that is, creating paradise, creating in collaboration with Great Spirit’s thought. Thus, all we create begins in our thoughts. To begin your family domain, imagine an ideal paradise filled with flowers, bountiful gardens, trees, a small pond or lac, maybe a small river or stream, a small comfortable and cozy home and a happy family existing within a small community of like-minded happy families on their own family domains. Continue every day filling your mind with these inner images, right down to the smallest detail. Create the inner vision of an ideal life on the beautiful earth mother. Imagine a family domain that corresponds to your needs and desires. The regularity of this practice produces effects that are close to miraculous. If you are already advanced in age, you may be creating for the next lifetime and thus creating the auspicious conditions for a happy rebirth. Be confident and convinced that paradise will happen on earth and that we, as sons and daughters of Great Spirit will create this happy life together. Persevere; continue ceaselessly maturing the internal vision of the ideal family domain in nature’s beauteous valley.

When the vision has matured and coalesces within, that is, when you continuously have the same images of that ideal paradise, then the time has come to act. We begin with small daily gestures that are in tune with this vision. We can begin to cultivate in our homes small pots of aromatic herbs for the kitchen. A little parsley, basil, coriander and some edible flowers will be beautiful additions to the kitchen and will cheer up our everyday life. Growing sprouts in the kitchen is wonderful and not only easy to do but gives us living foods that are very healthy and cheap. If you have bits of land around the house then start a garden. If not, then community gardens that exist in many cities have the added benefit of bringing together people who have like-minded interest in gardening and a healthy lifestyle. The land is sacred everywhere, even that under the concrete of our huge metropolises. Start where you are now. As you envision paradise in the city, you create circumstances that will free the land and nature from the destructive flood of concrete and asphalt that imprisons earth mother’s fertile gardens. Working in community gardens contributes to creating better living conditions for many beings. It can foster a sense of community, it can create a space of beauty and peaceful relaxation in the midst of the city bustle, it will grow food that is nourishing and that has soul! It is also important to share your vision with friends and family that are open and interested in your thoughts. Maybe you can even create a non-profit organization to help promote and protect family domains. These are but a few small suggestions. There are numerous ways to begin moving towards the healing of the earth and the creation of family domains. Begin with simple and easy activities that are in harmony with your vision and continue relentlessly but quietly to create paradise on earth.


There is a simple and effective solution that can heal humanity and our sacred earth mother from all our current problems. The family domain on one hectare of land, free of taxation and only transmissible to the family through inheritance.

We belong to the earth and the earth belongs to us. We need to always remember that. Those who stole our lands, our communities, our spirituality and offered us in exchange short-lived and expensive pleasures, governments dependent on banks and international companies who are only interested in profit, religions filled with occultism, manipulation and darkness and lives filled with stress and pollution, those people are not capable of controlling us if we choose to create our family domains. The beneficial powers that guide humanity have accepted this plan since it’s in harmony with Great Spirits’ original instructions. Thus, those who choose to create their small family paradise will receive guidance and favourable circumstances to help them with this beauteous task. Let us dream of our ideal gardens, plant in our minds the seeds of a healthy tomorrow and celebrate daily our return to harmony!


[1] Side effects created by the electromagnetic fields generated by the electric wiring and the square and rectangular shapes of the structures that are contrary to the fractal mathematics that all energies of the universe need to convey their information.


Blue Eagle


  1. Thank you Blue eagle for keeping us aware. In this mordern dead and sleeping world. Your simple but deepely inspiring words carry a power to which we are not used. Also it unvails in our subconcious mind , the hope of a better future. Not only that, your words plant the seeds that will progressively shape out minds back to their natural state and conciousness. I would like to testify how as an African, the contact with indigenous knowledge here in Canada has reconnected me with my own African ancestorship Thanks To the universal thruths that you have unvailed to me. Today we need a comunity to grow and to grow strong. Thanks for beeing there for us. May mother nature bless you again and again. Namaste.


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