For a very long time, I’ve been working to create ways of increasing our health and well-being. What I offer is holistic, which means that I’m interested in the health and well-being of the whole person – the physical, the emotional and the mental.

To this end, I have created therapeutic fragrances that are worn like perfumes, but have the added value of being beneficial to health. I’ve also created music based on the principles of music therapy, which promotes better energy, emotional relaxation and intellectual stimulation. Finally, I’ve written books that can promote emotional relaxation and stimulate our thoughts.

Here, I share my daily life, thoughts and aspirations with you through articles on a wide range of themes.

With all my heart,
Luke Blue Eagle


TOTEM ANIMALS – continued

We have 7 animal totems: one in front of us, one behind us, on each side, above, below and within. Once you’ve determined that an animal is a totem, you look in your inner vision or feeling to see where

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TOTEM ANIMALS – continued

Here’s a continuation of last week’s article on Totem Animals: All animals are bearers of specific teachings. The eagle, for example, is the messenger for Great Spirit, a vector of connection with the Divine. It represents the possibility of balancing

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Every person has allies, in each of the kingdoms present on the planet: mineral, plant, animal and human. We’re talking here about the spirit of a living being, in the sense given to it by Plato when he spoke of

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For a long time, I thought all those talks and texts about the ascension that was supposedly coming in these years of transition were just the flights of fancy of those who saw the world through rose-colored glasses, wanting to

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(I’m reposting here one of the most important articles on my blog. This is what I consider to be my life mission, what I’ve been thinking about and striving for since a very young age, namely life in fullness and

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As winter arrives in my beautiful country, I’ve been reflecting on how these shorter days of the snow and ice season lead to introspection and connection with the soul. One thing I’ve often found is that all the answers we

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The interpretation of signs and dreams

THE INTERPRETATION OF SIGNS AND DREAMS Great Spirit speaks to us The Creator, the Great Spirit, the Primordial Intelligence who creates and organises the universe speaks to us. He is in constant communication with us. His language is the one

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