For a very long time I’ve worked to create ways to increase our health and well-being. What I offer is holistic, that is I am interested in the health of the whole person, the physical, the emotional and the mind. To do this, I’ve created fragrances which are worn like perfume, but which have the added value of being beneficial to one’s health. I’ve composed music which are based on music therapy principles. These CDs will heighten vital energy, emotional relaxation, stability and brain stimulation. My books can help with clarification of our thought processes and giving information of ancestral wisdom. I also share many articles on what my days are like, my thoughts and aspirations and info on many different subjects.

From my heart to yours
Luke Blue Eagle


THE HORSE – totem animal

In First Nations  the horse is a symbol of power and freedom. The young warriors and braves of the central plains had the traditions of trying to steal horses from neighbouring tribes in order to prove that they would be

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THE BITING INSECTS – Harmony with nature ?

A reader is asking why mosquitoes, horse flies, ticks and other biting insects exist. It’s a fact that for those who are far from nature, or who visit nature only occasionally these insects can be a real nuisance. In certain

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