MIWAHu – energizing Native Essence


The story of Miwahu began a few years ago when Liquid Smudge, now called Chiiyaam, was still our only Native essence. It all started with a request from the ladies working in our offices for a more feminine Native Essence. I immediately thought of sweet grass, the most feminine of our sacred plants, often called “the hair of the Earth-mother”. This herb is usually braided in a ritual way before being used as incense.

Traditionally, we will first burn sage to purify the space and then sweet grass to attract beneficial energies and favourable circumstances. I remember a Native Elder I met at a book fair. He was there to present one of his books that had just been translated and published in French. I sat with him a few minutes. He really enjoyed talking with the public. He had a braid of sweet grass hidden under the table. When the influx in front of the kiosk would dwindle he would discreetly lit the braid under the table and sway it a bit to promote the smouldering of the sweet grass. We could smell the beautiful fragrance of this sacred herb and immediately more people would approach the stand and get interested in his book. He was having great fun.

Chiiyaam is a very masculine scent. It contains two varieties of sage and a lot of Canadian cedar (thuya). It is purifying effect is powerful and immediate. It then quickly evaporates leaving a neutral atmosphere.

On the contrary, Miwahu holds: its fragrance will remain on the skin for hours. It slowly releases three notes, all of them sweet, woody and floral. The top note is suggestive of brilliant and light thoughts, the middle note is charming and full of promise and the base note is full and discreet. The dominant scent in all three notes is sweet grass. As our other aromatic products, Miwahu contains specific intentions encoded by a First Nations shamanic ritual. The intentions specially encoded in Miwahu are the following: attracting beneficial energies and favourable circumstances, clarity and harmony. The selection of essential oils and plant extracts used in Miwahu creates a synergy that develops in time like a symphony. The top note, featuring bergamot and mandarin, is light, conveys enthusiasm and stimulates creativity. The middle note, or heart note, with clary sage and vetiver, is floral and slightly heady. It attracts beneficial energies and encourages them to remain. The base note is deeper and persistent. It features sweet grass, oak moss, cistus and vanilla. It will foster favourable circumstances. The use of Miwahu complements that of Chiiyaam. Ideally, it is best to use Chiiyaam first, to appease, soothe and purify. After a few minutes, Miwahu can be used to foster dynamism, enthusiasm and creativity. It will come into effect gradually and its fragrance will develop throughout the day when applied to clothes or directly on the skin.

Miwahu is completely pure and natural (100% of ingredients are of natural origin) and contain 88% organic materials. Of course, it’s void of synthetic fragrances or preservatives. Conceived as a feminine fragrance, Miwahu is also worn by men who appreciate it.

A little ritual came to me as I designed Miwahu, producing a state of mind conducive to creativity. To begin, spray Chiiyaam towards the four corners of the room starting with the North, then to the West, the South and the East thus anticlockwise, opposite to the course of the sun in the sky. Also spray Chiiyaam around you. Wait for ten minutes while you focus your mind on your intentions and what you wish to create. Then, standing in the middle of the room or where you plan to work, spray Miwahu on your wrists and neck. Then proceed to spray Miwahu clockwise this time, from North to East, South and West, following the course of the sun, and do a 360° spin, arms straight out in front of you, palms towards the sky. Visualize calmly what you wish to create in your life: circumstances favouring happiness, the means to carry out your projects, etc. The scent of sweet grass and the other plants will create a synergy that will increase the creative energy of your mind. This ritual is an interesting tool to enhance your creative potential. Here is my prayer for Miwahu. That each man, woman and child on Earth may, like Miwahu, develop his potential as co-creator with Great Spirit. May each man, woman and child recognize his inner divine essence and contribute to the creation of tomorrow’s free world. I thank my ancestors for their teaching, for they are the ones who enabled me to create Miwahu in the hope of helping the greatest number of people.