Sacred Fragrances and Mystical Music

This book describes how I came to create sacred healing perfumes and music and how to use them.  All the Native essences and each musical rendition are described in detail:  the words, the inspirations, the ingredients, and the ways of interacting with them for healing, wholeness, and transformation.

Here is what the editor has written on the back cover.

“Renown shaman, author of several publications on his teachings and research, Blue Eagle leads two main activities that allow him to apply knowledge accumulated over years of studying and practising Native American traditions. On the one hand, creating aromatherapy perfumes in a modern version of sacred herbal lore, and, on the other hand applying aboriginal music therapy principles to creating music with modern tools. It’s the terms therapy and healing that unite these two facets of Blue Eagle activity. Aromatherapy and music therapy when combined constitute a holistic approach. A holistic view of life means considering the human being as a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual entity defined by his relationships with his family, his clan, his community, his nation, the elements, minerals, plants, animals, earth, planets, sun and stars. In this treatise, you will find how he came to create sacred healing perfumes and music and how to use them.”

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