Pdt_Earth – ASCHIIY

The Earth is the soft womb that welcomes us. It blossoms into an explosion of life during its day: the summer, and covers itself with a beautiful, sparkling blanket of snow during its night: the winter. It carries us, not for nine months, but all our lives. All our food, clothing, and dwellings come from the Earth. How can we express the infinite love the Earth unfailingly gives us? Through prayer and offerings! Expressing one’s gratitude to the Earth establishes within us a harmonious connection with Creation that fills us with the extraordinary joy of one who knows that he is safe, that he is fully accepted, and that he is where he belongs: at home. Mother Earth is Man’s home. With her, and within her, he finds health, joy, and fulfillment.

In the cycle of elements, the earth represents the abdomen because it feeds the stomach, the spleen, and the pancreas. That is why feelings of insecurity, fear, stress, and anxiety cause stomach ulcers. Compensating by eating too much sugar, harms the pancreas and can cause diabetes. These emotions can also weaken the immune system which, in turn, can harm the spleen. The antidote to these feelings is a connection with solid values. The greatest wealth a man can possess is his family home and his garden: a place where he and his loved ones can cultivate biodiversity. After gardening, the activity that is most regenerative for these organs is singing, especially singing with others or in a choir.

Our relationship with nature is only complete when we have understood Man’s mission on Earth. We are the guardians of this earthly paradise. We were not driven out of the wonderful Garden of Eden, we exiled ourselves. The only way of recreating that paradise is one acre at a time, one family at a time, according to the teachings of Anastasia. But you can begin today – wherever you are. Growing germinated seeds in your kitchen is an excellent first step, and will provide you with delicious, living food. Put some flowers on your window sills to cheer the place up – and why not create a roof garden, with flower pots if necessary! Knowing the earth and understanding the role of every species of plant and fauna is the very basis of Man’s mission. He can then co-create by creating a paradise in nature. In that paradise Man becomes king of his domain, and lives happily with his loved ones.

Recently, published research shows that people who live on the upper floors of tall buildings die younger than people who live in a family home. My elders have been saying this for years. It is logical, rational, and obvious for those who understand Man’s relationship with the Earth. You must have a personal, intimate relationship with Mother Earth, otherwise you will be lacking the essential connection that makes you a real human being. This is the subject of my book The Circle of all our Relations.

The digestion, transformation, and distribution of food throughout the body require calm and stability. A unique study, although somewhat grotesque – but this is typical of a certain scientific attitude – has proved this. A scientist gave a dog a large meal, then sent it on a hunt for several hours. He then killed the dog and dissected it, only to discover that the food had not been digested. Another dog, fed the same meal at the same time, but that had been allowed to rest in its kennel, had completely digested its meal. Peace and quiet is essential for proper digestion. We don’t really need such research to prove that; popular wisdom has always known it. So how can we create calm and stability within ourselves? Well, Nature does it for us, naturally.

Tread softly on Mother Earth. Sing, commune with nature, and may your prayers be beautiful and free. Know that you are loved and safe, protected by the Earth, who now needs you to protect her also.

Singing, praying, working with plants and gardening, listening to the music of Earth Drums and Swan Songs, and spraying some ASCHIIY will help you to integrate the energy of the earth.

Essential oils of star anise, valerian root, angelica root, Canadian spruce and vetiver enhance this process. To these essences we have added others to harmonize and increase the effectiveness and beauty of this olfactory composition: juniper, patchouli, myrrh, olibanum, geranium, and star anise.