ASEA Charge Up Call, Wednesday, Feb. 22,’17

Testimony by James (Jim) Dragon, of Indianapolis, Indiana:

Just when you think someone can’t get better, they just get better, no matter what.  I introduced ASEA to my dad and he said, “Do you think this could help your mother?” She had this problem with her memory. She had a fork in her hand one day and she said to my dad, “What’s this for?” My dad started crying, realizing the seriousness of her condition. When he asked if this would help her, I said that it should because of the way it works by shutting down oxidative stress in the body. My dad started my mom on ASEA at 4 oz. a day.  My mom had not been eating her meals, but had been pushing the food around on her plate with the fork. He put her on this serving of ASEA and in that first month, she started eating all of her food, all of her meal.  It’s really important, because she had been losing weight.  Then he increased her serving to 8 oz. a day and she started sleeping all night long. It was amazing that she slept 8 hours.  He said that she might get up and go to the bathroom, but she’d come back to bed and go back to sleep.  Compare that to her getting up in the middle of the night and going outside. Then he increased her serving again to 12 oz. a day.  She was having trouble with going to the bathroom and taking care of her own hygiene and my dad would help her with all of that.  Now she’s shutting the bathroom door and saying that she can take care of this, that she’s got it.  He increased the serving again to 16 oz. a day and now her ability to have a good conversation started to come back. She realized that he was her husband and that they’d been married many years.  She started having conversations with me again and, the other day, I called my dad and I asked to talk to my mom.  I was just back from a trip to Mexico.  When she got on the phone, she started the conversation by asking, “How was your trip to Mexico?” Now folks, that  question was a miracle, because in the past, she was walking around with 6 inch steps, looking at the floor, being in a depression all the time and never talking.  Next week, my dad turns 92 years old and my mom turns 90. My mom had been in a nursing home, but because of ASEA, my dad was able to take her back home.

ASEA isn’t a pharmaceutical product. We don’t make any medical claims; we don’t have that authority.  It’s not a treatment. It’s not a cure for any disease.  It’s like a line of dominos lining up in the cell.  They’re separate and distinct and ASEA just starts something in motion. You just tap the first domino by drinking ASEA and it knocks over another and another and another.


Testimony of “Jan”


I heard an amazing story on the webinar, Tuesday, July 25th of a woman who had been born with intellectual challenges and had the behaviour of, perhaps, a 5-year old.  Her name is Jan. Her father, Barney, who is in his early 80’s now, was introduced to ASEA and insisted that the staff at the group home, where his then 60 year old daughter lived, give it to Jan every day.

I saw a picture of a squirrel from a children’s colouring book that Jan had coloured for her parents and it was just a scribble of brown crayon all over the page. Then, I saw a second picture that she coloured for them 8 months after being on ASEA. It was of a tropical fish and she had used multiple colours and kept them all within the lines. It looked like the work of an adult. We were also told that their neighbour has a colouring that she did recently of a chicken where she coloured the feathers in different colours like an artist. It’s so nice that the neighbour framed it and put it on his wall.

Jan has been on the product for 2 years and now goes home on weekends, is interested in anything that’s happening in the kitchen, like emptying the dishwasher, helping to set the table, prepare the meal, bake cakes and cookies – she even baked brownies.

She has learned to read and write, although that’s still at a very primary level, and her muscle co-ordination and general interactions have greatly improved.  Can you imagine what this must mean to her and to her family?

Last week, her father told us that they were driving to the shopping center and a few seconds after entering the parking lot, Jan said, “There are 18 windows on the building.” Her parents started counting them and confirmed that there were exactly 18 windows, but the amazing thing is that it took them about 20 seconds to do the count, compared to Jan, who took only 10 seconds.

You know, we are involved in something that we don’t even fully realize the magnitude of.  Imagine that there is no longer any such thing as an incurable disease. I feel so blessed to be part of this company and to be able to share this with the world.

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