MORE THOUGHTS ON THE STATE OF the WORLD – continued from yesterday

I think that the antidote to hubris, false pride and an inflamed sense of ego, counter virtues that have seemingly created such a catastrophic world situation, could be humility. I’ve always thought that humility is simply to see things as they are. If we look at the reality of the world, we will notice that we do not exist alone, that we are in interrelationship with the whole world, the smallest ant to the great galaxies that shine at night are all, in some way, connected to us.

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The final définition of this terminology

Simple Common Sense


This is a popular expression that speaks of the basic wisdom we all have. There is an inherent wisdom in all human beings. The elders formerly guided the steps of the younger generation. The little tricks and techniques discovered by our grandmothers and grandfathers facilitated life in a thousand ways. There is a popular wisdom called common sense.

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Definitions – continued-

The «system»


The «system» is a word which I use to describe the current world structure of technocratic civilization. It’s the knot of the most important problems of our world and environmental pollution but is also the key to the next stage of Humanity’s evolution.

It’s not the first time in the history of Humanity that such behavior threatens life on earth. The prophecies of the First Nations of North America, which extend from the past to the future, describe the same process three times before the current era. These teachings have received scientific proof in Vine Deloria Jr’s research detailed in his volume GOD IS RED.

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The Philosophy of Nature 11

(définitions – continued)   Free Will   It’s very important to understand free will which characterizes Man and differentiates him from the other realms. Indeed, this freedom of choice is unique and leads to very … Read more


The realms of nature

These are classes of beings which constitute what we call the natural world. There is mankind, the animal kingdom, the plant kingdom, the mineral kingdom, the elemental kingdom and the spirits of nature, beings that are completely made of subtle energies. It’s important to understand the correspondences and the importance of these realms of living beings, as understanding nature helps us to understand Man. A chapter will be dedicated to these kingdoms or realms.

The Original Instructions

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This term defines an approach to life where technology becomes the standard for evolution. He who has the biggest cannon and the biggest bomb is the most evolved person and is thus justified in flattening his neighbor because he has the means to do it. Although common sense says that this behavior is erroneous and false, it is nevertheless the standard on which our current world is built. We’ve destroyed aboriginal peoples on all continents with the justification that since our technology is more advanced than theirs that we are thus more evolved and that we should thus civilize these barbaric peoples by force if necessary. As their life style is healthier and more relaxed they don’t want to leave it, so violence ensues sometimes ending in total genocide. They are the bases on which the current world justifies its colonization of the lands of aboriginal peoples on all the continents. It is very important to understand, as this characterizes our world civilization with its dependency on technology. The current wars are wars of technology where weapons of mass destruction are so powerful that nations don’t dare use them but continue to make them because their enemies do. This is very stupid and dangerous but it’s the reality we live in.

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