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Think of all the suffering experienced by men and women who had intimate relations in couples that eventually fell apart: an incredible sum of deep emotional pain for which there are very few remedies except time… Very intimate, very destabilizing pain that often takes a long time to dissipate. Almost all people in our current world have experienced such suffering. If the wisdom of ancient times that helped people stay in stable loving relationships throughout life was taught, this could be averted.

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(Continued from last sunday octobre 21st 2018)

Other related notions in family life that will reassert these values relate to the psychology of children. In the life of a conscious couple well aware of the natural wisdom we are relating to here, the coming of a child is an event which is planned for a long time. Couples will be preparing for the coming of a child often for several years before actually doing the act that will put the birth into motion. It is, amongst other preparations, finding, building and organizing the place where the child will be born. This place is called a family domain.

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(Continued from yesterday)

Sexuality without love is one of the worst perversions there is, although the vast majority of human beings today have no clue of this reality. In the modern world, sexuality has become an industry and very often a dependency and a palliative to a world divested of true love. This fundamental need to be loved and to give love is being replaced by a physiological function divested of true feeling and is sometimes of unspeakable ugliness. Very often Women are the ones suffering from this as they are used, abused, sold as goods or considered as objects whose sole purpose is satisfying the guilty appetites of men reduced to the state of depraved animals.

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(This essay will be prolonged over 4 days, Saturday-Sunday, 20-21 and 27-28th of october 2018)

The laws of the world are inscribed in creation. The Creator, Great Spirit, the Primordial Intelligence which creates and supports the multiverse speaks to us through His-Her creation. She-He does not speak to us directly, but indeed by His-Her creation and with life itself which is our most precious gift. Woman-Man, the beloved children of the Great Mystery, are the only ones who, by virtue of their free will, can go against universal laws or create a paradise by learning how creation works and by creating according to these laws.

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We are confronted with two important obstacles in our development today, obstacles that we did not have to manage originally in our relationship with the world. 1st the influence of the system on the world which limits our possibilities of having access to ecological communities and families living within nature; 2nd the conditioning and programming of our education and personality which we have developed in contact with the system which has managed us since birth (and even before birth).

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MORE THOUGHTS ON THE STATE OF the WORLD – continued from yesterday

I think that the antidote to hubris, false pride and an inflamed sense of ego, counter virtues that have seemingly created such a catastrophic world situation, could be humility. I’ve always thought that humility is simply to see things as they are. If we look at the reality of the world, we will notice that we do not exist alone, that we are in interrelationship with the whole world, the smallest ant to the great galaxies that shine at night are all, in some way, connected to us.

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