For a personal approach, I offer consultations either by internet, or in our Wendake offices near Quebec City for those who can get there. To schedule an appointment, send an e-mail with your request, name, phone and choice (on site or by internet). The person who manages my schedule will communicate with you. Her email Is:

These are shamanic healing sessions. At every meeting there is drum and strings. Otherwise, having numerous strings to my bow, I can use a number of techniques when needed. Best it is to have no expectations and allow the energies and ancestors to do what they do so well

In a holistic approach to health, we consider the physical body, feelings and emotions, thoughts and mind and the connexion with the invisible world often called spirituality. My works touch all these aspects of our being. The natural perfumes I’ve created are encoded with healing intentions. Fragrances immediately reach the most ancient part of the brain activating physical functions and producing a beneficial emotional response. Music activates feelings with an harmonization effect and relaxed the body while stimulating our vital energy. Some of the music has a powerful spiritual inspiration. My books can help clarify the mind and are a doorway towards a greater spiritual connexion.