After a lifetime dedicated to teaching Native American spirituality and protecting Mother Earth, I’m going on well-deserved retirement. I no longer travel. I will no longer teach, except perhaps a conference from time to time for associations that protect nature.

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Many friends in recent years have developed problems of electromagnetic hypersensitivity with the pain and discomfort associated with this pathology.  This threw me on a search for a solution.  After a few years I managed to combine my knowledge of the virtues of stones and crystals and associated shamanic techniques, to prepare an electromagnetic protection amulet.  Once finished I sent out for experimentation-evaluation to 4 people who had problems with this condition. 3 have replied to date.  I have compiled their testimonies below.

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I’ve created 7 shamanic all natural perfumes. Although they are made with the methodology and design of traditional high French perfumery, they do have therapeutic and spiritual attributes. These attributes are very special and to my knowledge there’s nothing like them anywhere. Thus I’m writing this article so that these special qualities may be understood. That will make it possible to use them as they were intended and not only as natural perfume.

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THE BATH SALTS WITH THE CHIIYAAM CONCENTRATE I created a really magnificent product with these bath salts, let me explain why. Invocation’s bath salts consists of sea salt from Brittany, the wonderful fragrance of the … Read more