For a very long time I’ve worked to create ways to increase our health and well-being. What I offer is holistic, that is I am interested in the health of the whole person, the physical, the emotional and the mind. To do this, I’ve created fragrances which are worn like perfume, but which have the added value of being beneficial to one’s health. I’ve composed music which are based on music therapy principles. These CDs will heighten vital energy, emotional relaxation, stability and brain stimulation. My books can help with clarification of our thought processes and giving information of ancestral wisdom. I also share many articles on what my days are like, my thoughts and aspirations and info on many different subjects.

From my heart to yours
Luke Blue Eagle



Hello Blue Eagle, In today’s society, certain things are still not completely accepted, like for instance homosexuality. I would like to ask what you think about homosexuality. Laurent That’s a complex and difficult question. Let’s start with the Native American

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I have worked with crystals all my life. One of the most important aspects of this work is purifying the crystal friend.  Many people are not aware of this hence this article. Purification of crystals is essential for several reasons.

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A good friend of mine is organising a workshop on the teachings of Drumvalo Melchisedek, a renowned spiritual teacher, in northern California.  You will find all the info on this event here. Have a good time there if you go.

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