For a very long time I’ve worked to create ways to increase our health and well-being. What I offer is holistic, that is I am interested in the health of the whole person, the physical, the emotional and the mind. To do this, I’ve created fragrances which are worn like perfume, but which have the added value of being beneficial to one’s health. I’ve composed music which are based on music therapy principles. These CDs will heighten vital energy, emotional relaxation, stability and brain stimulation. My books can help with clarification of our thought processes and giving information of ancestral wisdom. I also share many articles on what my days are like, my thoughts and aspirations and info on many different subjects.

From my heart to yours
Luke Blue Eagle


Are ceremonies useful?

BE: For many years I organised the solstice and equinox ceremonies without missing a single one of them. Many incredible things happened and many people were inspired and harmonized with nature. So I know how these are important. There are

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We live in a destructive and illogical world full of injustices, wars, pollution and degeneration. Power and money are the pillars of our system. The majority of the population is working too hard, like persistent flies trapped in the illusion

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Questions from Thomas

– What kind of meditation should we practice in order to communicate with nature? – How can we best get to know ourselves? BE: Getting connected to nature is as natural as breathing, in fact you already do it but

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