Nature can be compared to a wise teacher giving pristine instructions on truth and reality. The Native American heritage of wisdom can enable our ability to understand who we are, where we come from and where we are going. The critical situation of today’s world afflicted with wars, injustice, pollution and ill health requires new approaches, more universal and more in line with the laws of Nature and Life. For the purpose of exploring how we can solve today’s problems I have created this blog. Welcome! Peace, Joy and Love Blue Eagle



A question about 2012

Blue Eagle, do you have any information concerning the 21st December, 2012 ? Some people think that many will die because of natural disasters. In particular because of the collision with the Nibiru planet and the inversion of the magnetic

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Mistful morning

In the dark, mysterious magical morning, the mist rises from the soil in large, slow careful curls… the air is filled with water smells… the world, in dreamsome numbness, ignores the greyish light starting in the east. Now, the sky

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