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Mon blogue existe depuis 2008. Il comporte environ 500 articles sur divers sujets la plupart liés à la santé, la spiritualité et la sagesse des Premières Nations d’Amérique.

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Anastasia’s vision for the healing of the world is getting national implementation in Russia!! As I have been saying for years, in a short while, no more than a generation or two, Russia will become the first country in the

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Totem animals… how to read signs

Every being has allies, belonging to each reign of the planet. Our allies from the animal world are very important because they are close to us, and their spirit has remained in line with the Great Mystery’s will. They do

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A summer morning, they are rare now, we feel autumn coming, trees are changing colour, losing a few leaves. But it’s just the beginning, they are still all dressed and starting to put on their fineries in red, orange and

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