I’ve already mentioned these incredible health products. These are the only products in the world that can supply Redox Signaling Molecules, that is molecules in our cells which give the cells the ability to heal and to communicate with other cells. We lose these molecules at the rate of 1 % a year. It’s the main reason for ageing. You can guess how important these products are. I had written a complete article HERE to give you all the basic information.

I’m transcribing below this article several testimonials on how these products have been instrumental to many people and diverse pathologies in restoring health.

These products are not available in stores. You can only buy them from those who use them. As an example here is my ASEA website Every person who uses them can also become a distributor and will automatically have the same Web site. There’s no need to hold inventory if one doesn’t want to. We are at the very beginning of the expansion of these products in the different countries where they are available. This is a business opportunity either to made a small on the side income or an extraordinary career. The forecasts are that in 10 years this product will have created 200 000 millionaires worldwide. It’s quite nice be able to stimulate our abundance by helping people improve their health.

I’ve used this product for 4 years now. As I was already in good health I saw the effects only after 2 years but then it was literally incredible: I feel it as a rejuvenation of my entire body. I am already well advanced in my sixties yet I’ve taken up martial arts, traditional archery, horseback riding on top of the 2 hours I spend exercising in the morning. I’ve never felt so good. I’ve healed small health problems du to age from my teeth to my feet. My dentist when seeing my rapid  progress in demineralizing my teeth and healing an abscess immediately became a consumer and recommends it to her patients. ASEA is an opportunity for your financial stability and for your global health.

Another proof of the efficiency of these products comes from the consumers. It’s complicated to open a new country in network marketing or multilevel marketing as these type of companies are called. Every country has its own laws for this type of distribution. It is often necessary to open a warehouse and distribution center in every country. In 8 years this product has already opened 33 countries!! And with our web sites we can sell in every one of them.

A new scientific study has just come out. This randomized double-blind placebo controlled study confirms that ASEA produces an improvement of the functioning of the genes in our cells. To be precise results of the eight-week study showed a 20 to 31% improvement in gene expression. Long-term consumption of ASEA REDOX resulted in stable expression changes at the eight-week time point. These genes are keys in any individual’s health and play a vital role in five human physiological systemes and dozens of pathways. This contributes directly to stimulate and to improve the functioning of the endocrine system, cardiovascular system, a reduction in inflammatory reactions, activation of the natural immune system and an increase of the digestive capacities. This study adds itself to the numerous studies which have already demonstrated the efficiency of these products.

So, without delay here are the testimonials.



Dear friends,


I brought together testimonials of people which took ASEA during certain on-line presentations from ASEA distributors. This is only a few testimonials among thousands that exist. If you call me I can share the numerous problems from my feet to my teeth that I healed with these products. I’m feeling younger and younger every month. The most important thing to understand is you need to have patience. It is not because you don’t see results that the product doesn’t work. If you want rapid results to test the product take a picture of your face and use RENU28 on the skin twice a day for a month.  Then take another picture and compare.


Thus, without more delay here are some testimonials.



I heard an amazing story on the Tuesday webinar of a woman who had been born with intellectual challenges and had the behaviour of a 5-year old.  Her name is Jan. Her father, Barney, who is in his early 80’s now, was introduced to ASEA and insisted that the staff at the group home, where his then 60 year old daughter lived, give it to Jan every day. I saw a picture of a squirrel from a children’s colouring book that Jan had coloured for her parents and it was just a scribble of brown crayon all over the page.  I saw a second picture that she coloured for them 8 months after being on ASEA. It was of a tropical fish and she had used multiple colours and kept them all within the lines. It looked like the work of an adult. Jan has been on the product for 2 years and now goes home on weekends, is interested in anything that’s happening in the kitchen like emptying the dishwasher, helping to set the table, preparing the meal – she baked brownies. She has learned to read and write, although that’s still at a very primary level, and her muscle co-ordination and general interactions have greatly improved.  Can you imagine what this must mean to her and her family!

You know we are involved in something that we don’t even fully realize the magnitude of.  Imagine that there is no longer any such thing as an incurable disease. I feel so blessed to be part of this company and to be able to share this with the world.

Be well, be happy,



Testimony Ken Blendell, Alberta, CUC, Tues. Mar. 7’17

I’m 61 years old; I’m married to Laurie and together we have 7 adult kids and 11 grandkids.  We live in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, in Alberta.  About 23 years ago, in 1994, I was on an excavator building a logging road in British Columbia and all of a sudden it quit.  So I thought, ‘What’s going on here?’ I was by myself and what’s important is that I was only in my hiking shorts, T-shirt, leather work boots and a hard hat. I jumped out and climbed up on, what we call a deck. That’s an area of about 12’ by 16’ long and it’s flat. It has expanded metal with a hole in the middle, so you can look down inside the engine and the hydraulic system components. As I bent to look down, I felt a concussion.  I didn’t feel flames yet, but I felt a concussion and I put my hands over my face, because I knew there were flames coming and I looked up in the sky to see if I could see any blue sky.  I couldn’t.  I was 100 % engulfed in flames and at that moment, I was blasted right off this excavator.  I went down over the mountain and landed on some massive big rocks.  I landed head first, the back of my head and my left shoulder.  Then I climbed out of all those rocks.  I was trying to stand up, get my bearings and I watched all of my clear fluids and blood run off my body.  In that short time, I could see my legs; I could see my arms and my face and I was dripping with skin.  I said, ‘Oh Lord, help me to get out of here, this pain is so great. Either take me home right now or give me the strength to walk the approximately 2 Km or a mile and a half to get to some people for help.’ He allowed that to happen.  I walked 2 ½ Km with no fluid in me, which was medically impossible.  A medivac helicopter showed up and they got me to a town called Salmon Arm on the Shushwap Lake system.  They put me in a medivac jet and got me to Vancouver and if I made the jet lag, there was a 3% chance of survival.

I was burned on 70% of my body, but I was skin grafted on 65%. Yes, it was quite a deal.  They had to take skin from my back and my bum to graft. My hands and legs and arms and tummy and back do not have the same elasticity, so when you put skin on your knuckles or your wrist that bend over 90 degrees, it cracks and falls off.  The hospital tried everything.  First they tried to get me off morphine, because I was addicted and it was killing the pain.  That took approximately 2 years total time.  I went to the Jolt skin high pressure suits.  When I was leaving the hospital in a wheelchair, never to walk again, they said you have to use 100% pure Vit.E and that’ll help everything.  I got a letter, not a phone call, from the burn center stating, “Don’t use Vit.E anymore because your skin is going to start falling off,” so that didn’t help.  I tried every possible pharmaceutical and I could only use pharmaceutical stuff, the burn center said, and nothing worked, nothing.  I was on pain killers and I was supposed to be on them for the rest of my life because it hurt really badly and I just hate pain killers.

I moved to Alberta in about 2010 and met Laurie here.  I was having problems with my skin falling off.  So, I set up an appointment with a dermatologist and at the same time, maybe a couple of days later, I was introduced to RENU28 through a fellow here named Dave, that Laurie knew for years.  I’d never heard of this stuff, but I went there.  The first thing I thought of was ‘Oh yah! Network Marketing, what a hoax.’ I don’t like that kind of stuff, but I’d tired everything else and nothing works.  In the meantime, I’d already set up this appointment with the dermatologist to have a look at my skin through Workmen’s Compensation.

I first put the RENU28 just on my left hand for about 2 weeks and Laurie could see a difference.  I used my right hand and my left to compare them because they had both been burned about the same.  She said, “There’s something happening here; it’s changing.” And I said, ‘Yah, and I think I’m getting some feeling back and I think there’s oil glands coming back – I can’t believe it – and my skin’s not falling off – it’s not cracking anymore and it seems to be bending at the joints.’  As I read the RENU28 info, it said you’d get elasticity back and I said, ‘Wow, this is crazy!’  And it said that it would renew and rebuild cells and I said, ‘What? That must be what’s happening.’

I got a phone call from the dermatologist and she said, “You’ve got to come in tomorrow.” So, I went in and she said, “What’s the problem and what’s that tube sitting there beside you (the tube of RENU28)?” I said that there was a problem, but that I started taking this product that I’d never heard of before and I asked if she had a computer that she could look up this product on and she said she did.  She looked at the RENU28 and it talked about rebuilding cells that were damaged and everything else and as she was looking at it, she called in another dermatologist to come and look at it.  They both were reading about RENU28 and ASEA and looking at me.  I asked what was going on there and they said, “We’ve never seen this before. We’ve heard that there was something out there that could help, but we didn’t realize.  We can see on your hands, on your left hand, that there are cells being rebuilt.  We can tell that.  We can see that.  How do you get this product?” She went on to say, “I’ve got a patient that I’ve had for years and he had a bad skin condition right from birth.”  And I said that everything he’s tried doesn’t work, right? She said that that was true. She wanted to know how to get RENU28 so I helped her to do that.

Then my condition just started getting better and better and better and I was only putting it on once a day.  I didn’t realize that you put it on, rub it in, wait a few minutes and put it on again.  Then I started taking the solution, ASEA and the hands and arms (I’m saying them because you see them all the time) started changing from the inside out and with the RENU28 they were changing from the outside in. I started talking to people about this and one guy, his whole family and relatives all signed up and I said, ‘Why did you sign up?’  And they said, “Because we saw the change in your hands. Anyway, this stuff works – it doesn’t matter inside or outside, it works and I’m a testimony to that.



Host: Terri Malmed

Testimony:  Guillermo

I got introduced to ASEA from my wife about 6 or 7 months ago. I have a condition, I had an accident and I lost one eye, my left eye, and I was completely blind. I was in treatment for 3 years for recovery and they told me I would lose my eye and use a prothesis. While I was in the hospital, they put me in a program to recover some of the cells for my eye and I was in it for the 3 years. I recovered the eye, but not any of the vision for that eye. After that, I was between 15 and 17 years blind in my left eye. My other eye, I was forcing that eye to see. One day I was putting ASEA on my face because my wife told me, after I had cut myself shaving, to try the ASEA and that it would help the bleeding on my face. I was in a rush to get to work and as I was putting it on my face, by accident, I put some in my left eye and I was scared because that eye I take care of a lot.  Then I was thinking that this is like a saline solution and the drops that I had used to help that eye were based on a saline solution too, so I thought I’d leave it like that and my eye felt fresh. Then I started to put it in my other eye. A few weeks later, I started to get a little blurred vision, a little dizzy and I was scared again thinking that what I had put in my eye was damaging my vision even more, but I realized that it was helping me.

I fell asleep and broke my prescription. The next day I went to get it fixed and gave my prescription from before and I thought, I’d keep that one from before until I get the new one. After a few days, I started to experience those same things and I went to another prescription that I had from before, even a few years ago and I was seeing very well with that old prescription. Something was happening in my eye.

One morning, I woke up and opened my eyes and usually I just see black, but this day, I could see something moving, a figure, and it was my wife bringing me a coffee. I was surprised and I was looking and looking at her. I said to her that something was going on and I thought that I was recovering my vision.  She said to go to the doctor and see what’s going on. A few days after that, I went to see my eye doctor and they started doing the exams and the doctor said that something was going on in my eye and I said yes, I think I see better and she said yes because I started to identify the bigger letters on the chart that they put in front. The doctor said that she thought I was recovering something and I agreed, but she said, “John, you couldn’t see anything with that eye.”

I said yes, but I was using some kind of product and I thought that it was helping me. A couple of days after that, I went to pick up my glasses and she said that one of my eyes was 20/20 and that for the other eye, I’d have to go and see my doctor for the retina and see what’s going on.  That was 3 or 4 months ago and I’m still seeing more progress in my vision and right now, I would say that I have recovered about 80% of my vision in that eye. For me that’s amazing and I’m so grateful that that person brought me ASEA and I was a very sceptical person, I didn’t believe in anything at first and now I really really love ASEA and I want to spread the word about ASEA all around the world.


Thank you so much Guillermo, for sharing your story. It’s amazing that you had no vision in the eye for about 15 years and now you have 80% of it, because of ASEA


ASEA A-Lift Charge Up Call, Monday, April 3, 2017

Host: Terry Latham

Testimony:  Jim Glen, San Antonio, Texas, Silver Executive

We started about 21 months ago, Terry, when my best friend who is a senior level banker came to me because his son had been hit with a horrible virus and we saw what it did to him after that, when it had paralyzed him from the waist up.  I had severe back issues, since my college days playing basketball, where I first blew out my back. In the past 15 – 16 years I’ve had a total of 10 lower back surgeries and the most recent was about 3 years ago where I had a stimulator put into my back where they ran cords or whatever up to various parts of my spine to where it would, in essence,  shock  my back to try to eliminate the pain because nothing else had worked. At the time, I was on over 500 pills a month with four different prescriptions. One was for the pain in my back and the other three were for pins and needles that I had in my left leg that I had been suffering with for the last 15 years as a risk of having all of my surgeries.

So, my friend comes over and shares it with us and after we saw what it did for his son, which after 3-4 months the young man, who could not lift his arms more than 2 inches from his side, was now able to raise his arms all the way up and over his head. Well that got my attention and with my non-stop back pain and I was a stock broker for 28 years and suffering with the pain, sitting at desks and doing whatever I was doing there, but then I also have a lot of rocks, big rocks, making water features on the side – kind of a silly hobby, but something that I liked to do at my ripe young age of 59. But I couldn’t move. I was building a water feature and I would drive home after about 20 minutes and I couldn’t get out of my car. My legs were so sore; my back was so sore. I would have to lift my legs up and out of the car and then wait a few minutes to get out of my car and then the next morning getting out of bed was just about impossible. It would take me quite a while just to get limber enough and then constantly suffering with the back pain.

Well the day my friend Robert came to my home, we immediately signed up, got the product and I’ll say that within a matter of a day or two that body pain that I had in my lower back was gone. That’s what really obviously awoke me and that was when I started sharing these with everybody. But the amount of things that we’ve seen since then…by the way, I started off on 8 oz. a day of the molecules on a daily basis. I would typically do 6 in the morning and 2 in the evening. We also have horrible things in the air in south Texas that cause a lot of things like sniffy runny noses and headaches and I’ve been on allergy pills my entire life. I’m from Ohio originally and now in Texas and I’ve been on a daily regime of allergy pills and those disappeared. I haven’t taken an allergy pill, and by the way, I’m off all meds. I have been off now for about 18 or 19 months.  I’m off every single pill. All we take is a few vitamins and we drink our ASEA daily. But we’ve had a lot (of results)… wife had foot pain go away; we’ve had cracked heels go away, we’ve had skin tags fall off. I had floaters in my eyes that are no longer there. We’ve had warts fall off. I had a lazy leg and that’s gone away. At 59 young years, I’ve been given my life back and now we share this material, which I’m getting ready to go do now in a small Texas town about an hour away from here. These molecules are spreading like crazy, so praise God for that and I thank you, Terry, for all your support and help.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. By the way, I was 5’6 and now I’m 6’6, so it also helps you to grow!


Testimony, Harold, Him and His Dog, CUC, Dec. 29, 2016

Hello, I’m Harold and I’m in Houston, Texas.  I’m 47 years old and since the age of 17, I’ve had chronic stomach and intestinal issues, leaving me with severe abdominal cramps and pain on a scale that I would double over and fall to my knees.  It’d feel like I’d been stabbed with a knife.  I would pass some blood, severely bleeding internally.  I would have fever, night sweats and chills.  I was on autoimmune medication.  I was on steroids.  I was on about everything you could possibly think of for this condition and I almost had my colon removed in 2008.  And so, this debilitating illness almost took my life on 4 different occasions.  About 2012, I was introduced to plant-based nutrition and became a vegetarian.  I saw some pretty good results.  Just from changing my nutrition, a lot of things cleared up.  I still had several issues and several symptoms and it wasn’t until I started taking the Redox Signaling Molecules, in the liquid form first; now I use the gel, as well.  But let me tell you, starting on a couple of ounces in the morning and a couple of ounces in the evening, as prescribed by Terry Malmed and Dr. Foster, that had shared it with me and told me how to take the product. I was pretty amazed because it was just 2 weeks after being on the product, that I noticed something had started to change.

The first thing I noticed was that I slept smoothly and I could remember my dreams and I had a lot of mental clarity, as well.  My dreams were vivid; they were in colour and I’d wake up fresh; I wouldn’t have to hit the “snooze” and I wasn’t sluggish. Then, on top of that, I noticed that for the first time in my life, I was completely regular.  It cleared up a lot of my other symptoms with the plant based nutrition, but this was a step above and beyond any supplement, any fruit juice, any vitamin supplement or pill I’d ever had before and I actually felt better than I was before I ever got this condition.

I’ve now been on the product 97 days. I feel wonderful;  I work out; I jog; I’m doing a lot of things with full energy levels that before maybe I was doing, but I didn’t have the complete energy that I have now and that my food is digesting better.  It’s fantastic! I feel great and I’d like to share this product with everybody.

In fact, I also have a 17 year old Alaskan Malamute that a lot of you have been following on Facebook.  I was told that the product (ASEA) not only works for people, but it works on plants, on animals and any living organism. So, my 17 year old dog actually collapsed and paralyzed her legs.  If I lifted her, her hind legs would just drag. She couldn’t put any weight on them.  She also had a severe liver condition and liver failure that was going on.  The docs checked on her and they couldn’t even get a reading on the chart and they suggested that I put her down.  She had got to the point where she couldn’t eat for 8 days.  I really didn’t want to put my dog down, but at the same time, I thought that if she doesn’t make it through the night, when I come back home from church, I’m going to have to go ahead and put her to sleep, much as I didn’t want to.  I called my sister and my brother-in-law, who live on the outskirts of Houston.  They have some land and I asked them to go ahead and dig a hole and prepare her cemetery.

I went to church.  My mother didn’t want  my dog to pass when she was by herself, but she stayed with her.  Remember that she couldn’t eat or drink anything, but my mom took the ASEA liquid and put it into a spray bottle and opened up to her gums and started spraying it into her mouth.  And she took the RENU28 gel that we had been putting on her extremities and some spots on her hips and she was putting the gel there and on her pads and on her tummy and spraying the ASEA.

Let me tell you, my dog had been 8 days without food.  The only way she was getting liquids was we had to squirt them into her mouth with a dropper.  I was away to church for about 8 hours and by the time I got  home, my mother had told me that my dog was now able to lift her head up and eventually she was able to get to the point where she could stick her tongue out and started drinking the liquid ASEA with her tongue and she drank half a bottle in 24 hours.  That was on a Saturday.  She had collapsed a week earlier and I thought she was going to die Friday night.  Actually lying on the floor, her breathing was very scarce and I thought she wasn’t going to make it.  So, Saturday she drank half a bottle and by Sunday she drank another half bottle.  I was told that you couldn’t overdose on the product, so I figured if she’s drinking it, let her do it.  She was able to sit up on her two front paws by Monday and by that evening, for the first time in nine days, she started to eat food – a whole can and two pieces of chicken that I got for her. She started to make a recovery. That was a week ago.

My dog is now up walking on all fours and going to the bathroom on her own. When she had collapsed, she lost all bathroom control and was “pottying” on herself.  We had to put her back end in a trash bag, because whatever we’d give her by mouth, would just come straight out the other end.  Now she has full control over her bowels. She’s walking through the yard and she jumped up on the couch – she tried to get my plate last night when I was eating dinner. She’s acting like a normal dog.  I cannot believe it.  I have never in my life ever seen anything like this.  This dog was basically dead, everything but brain dead and this product is what brought her back from death’s door.

I don’t know how long she’ll live, but I know that her quality of life is incredible right now.  She’s acting like a dog 5 or 6 years younger than her. She’s 17 years old – that’s like 119 people years and for her to be having a liver condition that they said was inoperable and said to put her to sleep!

You’ve heard my story and you heard her story.  We’ve got to share these stories because that’s what’s going to make a difference. That’s what’s going to change the health and wellness industry and we can have the biggest impact on society and lives the world has ever seen, if we just open our mouths and share these incredible testimonies that we have.

Thank you.


ASEA Charge Up Call, Wednesday, Feb. 22,’17

Testimony by James (Jim) Dragon, of Indianapolis, Indiana:


Just when you think someone can’t get better, they just get better, no matter what.  I introduced ASEA to my dad and he said, “Do you think this could help your mother?” She had this problem with her memory. She had a fork in her hand one day and she said to my dad, “What’s this for?” My dad started crying, realizing the seriousness of her condition. When he asked if this would help her, I said that it should because of the way it works by shutting down oxidative stress in the body. My dad started my mom on ASEA at 4 oz. a day.  My mom had not been eating her meals, but had been pushing the food around on her plate with the fork. He put her on this serving of ASEA and in that first month, she started eating all of her food, all of her meal.  It’s really important, because she had been losing weight.  Then he increased her serving to 8 oz. a day and she started sleeping all night long. It was amazing that she slept 8 hours.  He said that she might get up and go to the bathroom, but she’d come back to bed and go back to sleep.  Compare that to her getting up in the middle of the night and going outside. Then he increased her serving again to 12 oz. a day.  She was having trouble with going to the bathroom and taking care of her own hygiene and my dad would help her with all of that.  Now she’s shutting the bathroom door and saying that she can take care of this, that she’s got it.  He increased the serving again to 16 oz. a day and now her ability to have a good conversation started to come back. She realized that he was her husband and that they’d been married many years.  She started having conversations with me again and, the other day, I called my dad and I asked to talk to my mom.  I was just back from a trip to Mexico.  When she got on the phone, she started the conversation by asking, “How was your trip to Mexico?” Now folks, that  question was a miracle, because in the past, she was walking around with 6 inch steps, looking at the floor, being in a depression all the time and never talking.  Next week, my dad turns 92 years old and my mom turns 90. My mom had been in a nursing home, but because of ASEA, my dad was able to take her back home.


Testimony Karalyn Hardison  Oct. 2016

Submitted by Janice Dance

This story by Karalyn Hardison has truly touched the core essence of my heart and given me tingling goosebumps. “When I was just twenty three I was diagnosed with abnormal cells on my tongue & lymph nodes which later spread to my throat. Through the course of three years it lead to multiple, painful biopsies and surgeries. Removing the growth on my tongue and several lymph nodes. I was at a dead end road and in a lot of pain after giving birth to my son back in Feb. of 2016. In and out of hospitals and more surgeries, I was told my last chance of life would be radiation and chemo. I only completed 5 weeks because I was in debilitating pain that left me lifeless unable to care for my 3 young kids.

I suffered radiation burns all around my neck, hair loss, sores all down my tongue and a huge tear on the opening of my throat from vomiting and choking. My throat was so sore and I could barely swallow anything because my spit was so thick and the pain was unbearable! I was unable to open my mouth to talk, or eat. My only nourishment came through my feeding tube and I was constantly vomiting. It was painful just to cough or sneeze and going on weeks with little to no sleep. It was painful to even cry but that’s all I could do. I felt tortured and wanted to die. I was hopeless, scared and seen no future with my family. But instead of turning to suicide I wanted to live and needed hope so I prayed every second of the day for better option than what I was given. As much as I wanted to keep fighting I could not walk into that place and get anymore treatments!

And one weekend in August my prayers were answered, Mary Margaret Donoho came to my door because someone told her to pray for me that they didn’t think I was going to make it… She brought me a case of redox liquid and a tube of redox gel and explained that it will help me and showed me some information. I desperately needed help and was willing to try anything! But was still scared so I watched testimony’s over and over; I was in shock of the results others were getting. The next day on the way to the radiation appointment I asked God to guide me and I received a message from him telling me that it was O.K. for me to let go and stop the horrible treatments. So I refused anything else and just got fluids the rest of the week.

I noticed results right away and to sum it up; In just 4 weeks I was back feeling better than I had in years! Sleeping, drinking, talking, eating, holding my baby for the first time in weeks! My mouth was clear of all sores and tears. And my neck was clear of any radiation burns! I removed my own feeding tube. All the side effects; ringing of the ears, brain fog, dizziness, headaches, nausea, vomiting, weakness, tiredness, unable to walk without sitting down. It was all GONE! I was coming back to life! Full of energy, going to school shopping with my two girls, and finally was able to have a summer vacation before they went back to school! I got my taste back which usually takes years. And best of all I am LIVING pain free and full of HOPE, JOY and a FUTURE. And able to be the mom I need to be! Not a bad thought ever comes through my mind now. And I am at peace with my decision to stop treatments! Redox molecules is an answered prayer and I believe 100% it empowered my body to do it’s job and start correcting the damage! It has changed my life and I will not be here today to tell you my story! Thanks so much Verdis Norton, Tyler Norton, Dr Gary Samuelson and James pack!

I hope my testimony helps anyone and everyone that is sharing this breakthrough in science and technology. Have a wonderful day and my god bless everyone!

To read this miraculous testimonial on how redox molecules in abundance can heal the body with the right cell to cell communication is verging on unbelievable. I’m so incredibly happy for you Karalyn. After personally witnessing so many phenomenal health breakthroughs in the last 18 months I’m 1000 solid and simply can’t hold back from sharing this technology with everyone, health challenged or not.

My vision is seeing medically documented, proven testimonials like yours Karalyn, filter one by one throughout the global community to eventually shift human consciousness towards accepting this ‘simple solution’ that’s 100% safe to become part of everyday healthy life.

The fact that big pharma wanted to shelf it proves the problem redox molecules would have & is having in creating and enhancing healthier people that’ll ultimately live longer/stronger.

Quality lifespan can create perceived problems for governmental infrastructure & planned policies e.g, population overgrowth & impact on shareholder profit margins especially if people become less reliant on drugs.

I happily embrace the skeptics and patiently give them more info.

To balance the perceived population overgrowth I cheerfully accept the cynics who can’t get their heads around redox technology with all it’s proven, double blind placebo, bonafide research, now identifying redox molecule technology within the top 5 natural breakthroughs this century has seen.

Karalyn THANKYOU for trusting in the heart centered individual who came with 4 bottles and a tube of redox gel. The ripple effect of that one single gesture will ultimately change so many other life’s too.

God bless Verdis Norton for saying Yes to the people and No to big pharma !

Michael Stern’s ASEA weekly webinar with invited guest, William Friedman from Idaho

In Michael Stern’s ASEA weekly webinar there was an invited guest, William Friedman from Idaho, who gave an amazing testimony of his father’s results with ASEA. The father had a “neurological disorder,” that caused his hands and arms to shake uncontrollably, all the time, and he suffered a degree of dementia as well.  He was 78, when William introduced him to ASEA.  On the advice of Dr. Walker, he started taking 4 oz a day and doubled the dose weekly until he was up to 16 oz a day. Three months into his program, he held both arms out in front of his body and told his son, “Look, no shaking!” From that day on his memory was completely restored too.  He had been on 15 medications for a variety of conditions. A new doctor followed him over the next few months and after being on ASEA for 5 months, he was off of all medications.  He continues to take 8 oz of ASEA daily.


Rebekah Weins on facebook

In July it was discovered that I had a problem in my brain – a bulging artery – that could potentially cause fatal bleeding if it ruptured. My neurosurgeon said, “This is a very bad problem in a very bad place. The procedure to correct it is very risky. Many things can go wrong, but you don’t have any other option.”

I had successful emergency surgery to restrict and divert blood flow. There was no explanation as to why the vessel had not ruptured. The size of the bulge was 22… mm (almost 1 inch), described in the medical record as “giant.”

As a research-minded nurse, I’ve scoured many sources for information about such a condition – causes, treatments, outcomes, survival rates, etc. Not a lot of data exists regarding artery bulges of this size. As my surgeon said when asked about survival statistics when a problem of this size develops, “Don’t know, 50% are dead before then.”

I believe I serve a BIG God and am daily grateful for His protection. However, while researching rupture versus non-rupture, among other variables, including size (many rupture at 4, 5, 6, 7 mm), the one common factor consistently referred to was the degree of inflammation present in the affected’s body. The greater the degree of inflammation, the greater the risk of rupture. I believe 3 years of daily using redox signaling molecules contributed to the integrity of my arterial vessels.

As one doctor said, “May you never know what you prevent!” Thank you ASEA


Testimony, Cathi Condon in Portland, Oregon,

ASEA, Charge Up Call, Thursday, October 18, 2018

In April 2010, I developed some red inflamed sores on the palms of both my hands. I thought that I had burned them by using some kind of cleaning product, but, they didn’t get better, only got worse. I went to see a naturopath skin specialist. He had no idea what it was and just gave me some lotion and sent me on my way.

Within a month, I had developed the same sores on the soles of both my feet and then on my shins, so I made an appointment with a dermatologist, who immediately said that I had a particular autoimmune disease that manifested as these types of sores. I told him that I didn’t have medical insurance. He said that there wasn’t much that the medical profession could do then, because the medications for this type of condition were very expensive. I got sent on my way again.

By June, these sores had spread, and I was covered on my hands, my feet, my legs, my arms and my entire torso and I was a mass of red inflamed and peeling skin that itched and hurt and bled. I was in a great deal of pain, but the worst was the soles of my feet. Each step just kind of tore my skin.

I discovered that there were clinical trials for this particular autoimmune condition and I found a dermatologist in Portland, who conducted clinical trials. He agreed with the diagnosis and I was put in that trail with what was called biologic medication and the trial lasted for 5 years. Everyone on the trial got the same dosage of the medication for the 5 years and they were testing for side effects. My skin did appear clear for the whole time, but by the end of the trial in 2016, I had developed the side effects and the way that showed up was with a lot of gut pain and spending a lot of time in the bathroom.

The side effects did disappear, but my skin didn’t stay clear very long and after 6 months, everything was back, but this time, I also developed pain in my hip, because the autoimmune condition was now also affecting my joints.

I went back to another clinical trial in February 2017 and was put on a

1-year trial of testing one biological against another, so the blind part was that you didn’t know which medication you were getting. Over the next few months, my skin cleared and the hip pain subsided, so it worked in that way, but by November, the side effects were back and they were worse and they continued on after the trial ended. As well the hip pain came back. My skin stayed clear for a while longer but the hip pain came back right away, as soon as I stopped the medication.

About that time, my friend Russell Johnston, had begun attending my church and he noticed that I was kind of missing a lot of work there and I was having difficulty walking. He called and asked if we could meet for tea. He asked me how I was and I said, “Just great, how are you?” I don’t remember exactly how the rest of the conversation went, but soon I was telling him about my health issues and what was really going on. Russell said that he could help me and asked if I would be willing to check out a product. I got really excited when he told me about ASEA and so, I signed up right away.

I started taking it and after 2 weeks, taking 4 oz a day, I really didn’t see any changes. Russell and I went and met with Dr. Dick Walker at a gathering and I spoke to him after his presentation and told him what was going on and that I was still having pain and that I was still having the gut pain from the side effects. He said that I probably should take more of the ASEA.

So, I went from taking 4 oz. to 8 oz. and within a week, that hip pain disappeared. It took another few weeks for my belly to clear up and I still occasionally, but rarely, have any issues with it. It’s almost perfect. My skin has remained clear; I’ve never had another sore.

I am just in love with these products and I am so grateful to Russell for reaching out to me and showing me how these products could make such a difference in my life. I intend to take advantage of this opportunity and do anything I can for anybody else who would like to know about it.






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