Painting by Laurence Fanuel – Rosa Rose in jeans – they are real jeans!

Here is some info about me on this Sunday following my return from a tour in France.

It was magnificent tour and thanks to my taking increased amounts of ASEA products, I’ve come back in good shape which is rarely a case on European tours.

I taught for the first time in the High Alps near Gap. I love the great mountains.  I enjoyed the region and people. The organization by Virginie Soler was a great success for a first time.

We then went to work for a whole week with Laurence Fanul, a perfumer in Grasse France. She is also an artist painter, brimming with joy in her work. We are working on a new perfume for men temporarily called TOTEM. TOTEM is going to be the counterpart of the one for Woman temporarily called GRÂCES.  GRÂCES will be available on juin 21st in a limited, 100 numbered and signed collector items only available on our web site invocation.ca

TOTEM will not be available this year.  It’s a lot more complicated making à high quality perfume with only natural products. These perfumes will be a lot more intricate and complex than the ones we have now.  They will be works of art, persistent on the skin and made for all the great occasions where you wish to carry à beautiful fragrance and wonderful energies.

Then, we go to Lille in the North of France to give a few days of healing. We then go near Paris to Preisles in Brie, for a day of advanced teachings for the Shamanic Practitioners I’ve trained. Then a 2 day workshop on TOTEM ANIMALS.

Thanks to Veronica, Love of Light Woman, for the organization of this last phase of the tour

On the 14 to the 16 of June I’ll be giving the Summer Solstice Ceremonies.

So there are the latest news.

As I’ve mentioned ASEA, here is a short letter I wrote this week to people in France that were interested by these products. I’ve translated it for you.


First please read the two articles I’ve written on these products. One speaks of the genesis and science behind these products and the other offers many testimonials.



Then, if interested, the best I find is always to help you on the phone or online as there is so much to explain. I’ll answer your questions and adapt the program to your needs and budget. If you want to test the products, plan for at least 3 months. Scientific studies by independent firms have shown that 100 % of the people using these Redox Molecules will experience health improvements on the short term.  On the long term, we see remarkable things. The body does not stop correcting problems which can date back decades. All it needs is to be regular and constant. Easy to achieve when it is for our health.

Thus, having read the articles, have a look at my ASEA web site aiglebleu.myasealive.com and then communicate with me. I answer your questions and advise you on how to sign up, posology and proper use.

It is the opinion of numerous specialists including doctors and surgeons that it is the most profitable health investment you could make.  It doesn’t matter where you’re at in your health, supplements, treatments, medicines, protocols, diets, athletes, etc. ASEA is always a must. Indeed, redox molecules will contribute in synergy with the cells to all the body requires and to any therapeutic intervention. Healthy children don’t need REDOX molecules. One with health problem will benefit. If you’re over 20 and an athlete you’ll want them. If your healthy and below 30 you can wait a few years. If you’re over 50 hurry up!

Redox molecules have remarkable positive effects on the short, average and very long term. Their spectacular effects will link up with those next, creating more and more effects in time. It is not a product for the short or middle term. Even if the effects of redox molecules are clearly visible in a month on the skin, it can take time before you see effects on your physiology. My experience and those of many others in terms of years of use are that of rejuvenation: of the skin, the organs, the senses, the libido, in effort and stamina, even the disappearance of old scars, etc.

Can you afford not to take ASEA ?

All the best

Blue Eagle






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