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Since returning to the office I’m working to design a new perfume and help the Invocation team in any way I can. I have two months before my next tour to Mongolia. I’m then taking a sabbatical from all tours and traveling abroad to teach.

On Monday May 28 in Invocation’s Discovery Zone we will host a conference by a naturopath from Montreal. Sandra Prior introduced me to the ASEA products 4 years ago. I’ve used them with ever more conviction and satisfaction over the years. In our humble opinion, we who culminate more than 60 years of natural health care and healing, ASEA is by far the most effective and powerful single decision that you could take for your health. It’s also a business opportunity worthy of your aspirations being a multilevel or network distribution company. This means its not available in stores, only from those who use it. Come discover live and high level information on this product with several testimonials from different users. ASEA has been said by several specialists that it’s the the most determining health discovery of our time. In our offices on Monday, May 28 at 19h00 – 555 Max Gros-Louis, Wendake, QC, G0A4V0. In English and French.

For those which cannot be there, here are two articles I wrote about it.

The offices, factory and Invocation Discovery Zone in the industrial sector of Wendake got the prestigious visit of Wendake’s Grand Chief Conrad Sioui.  He came to see our two Wendat employees and commented several times on the wonderful fragrances we manufacture.

I will celebrate the summer solstice in Quebec, at the Visitation of Yamaska the 15.16 and June 17th.  Additional information on the calendar.

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