FROG – animal totem

The key-word for frog medicine is purification.

Many Native cultures consider that the frog’s song attracts the rain. Frog’s medicine is that of water. It teaches us to honor our tears, as they are the sign that the soul is taking a bath. We say that all rites and initiations made with water belong to frog.

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Une personne fortement handicapé en quête de vision avec Aigle Bleu. – A heavily handicapped person on a vision quest with Blue Eagle

We are frequently confronted with the imperfection of the body which was granted to us for our time on Earth. Our genetics are considerably impoverished by centuries of an artificial lifestyle, genetically modified foods, chemical drugs, vaccines, far from nature, thus more and more of people suffer from various serious and debilitating handicaps and health problems. Formerly, before European colonization, people who were different, had handicaps and who yet survived childhood were appreciated for their particular gifts and they were invited to discover them.

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The heat wave in Europe, the drought in the southern United States, tornadoes, cyclones, hurricanes, earthquakes, spontaneous fires that are consuming thousands of hectares of forest in many countries around the world, and I could go on… The elements of the earth are in a state of chaos that reflects the disarray of mother earth because of the suffering that humanity is inflicting on her.

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