Many friends in recent years have developed problems of electromagnetic hypersensitivity with the pain and discomfort associated with this pathology.  This threw me on a search for a solution.  After a few years I managed to combine my knowledge of the virtues of stones and crystals and associated shamanic techniques, to prepare an electromagnetic protection amulet.  Once finished I sent out for experimentation-evaluation to 4 people who had problems with this condition. 3 have replied to date.  I have compiled their testimonies below.

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From the beginning of times, as Man evolved in his relationship with the earth, there have been important moments at precise times every year when communities would assemble and pray. They would give thanks for the abundance of nature and perform the native ceremonies and rituals that reaffirmed Men’s unity with creation and the agreements with the spirits of the elements, plant and animal worlds that allowed for harmonious living on earth. Through these celebrations and spiritual assemblies we remained in harmony with the world we used to live in.

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So much useless suffering! Diseases, wars, discord among family members, lack of love, abuse, violence, famine, racism, the list is endless. Most of this suffering could be avoided and has been created because Men have lost their connection to the earth. Those who receive the bounty of the land and who can nourish their families with what they grow in their gardens have no need for the actions that create suffering for others. Their families are together all the time and nature gives them the activities that allow for maximum healthy development of body, heart and mind. Also any useless suffering is an indication that we are not following Great Spirit original instructions.

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I’ve created 7 shamanic all natural perfumes. Although they are made with the methodology and design of traditional high French perfumery, they do have therapeutic and spiritual attributes. These attributes are very special and to my knowledge there’s nothing like them anywhere. Thus I’m writing this article so that these special qualities may be understood. That will make it possible to use them as they were intended and not only as natural perfume.

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FROG – animal totem

The key-word for frog medicine is purification.

Many Native cultures consider that the frog’s song attracts the rain. Frog’s medicine is that of water. It teaches us to honor our tears, as they are the sign that the soul is taking a bath. We say that all rites and initiations made with water belong to frog.

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Une personne fortement handicapé en quête de vision avec Aigle Bleu. – A heavily handicapped person on a vision quest with Blue Eagle

We are frequently confronted with the imperfection of the body which was granted to us for our time on Earth. Our genetics are considerably impoverished by centuries of an artificial lifestyle, genetically modified foods, chemical drugs, vaccines, far from nature, thus more and more of people suffer from various serious and debilitating handicaps and health problems. Formerly, before European colonization, people who were different, had handicaps and who yet survived childhood were appreciated for their particular gifts and they were invited to discover them.

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