Classical solo guitar and music therapy

The classical guitar is a very special instrument. It is not a coincidence that the guitar has become so popular over the years amongst all kinds of performers, rock bands, folk song artists, classical musicians, etc. Something about the intimacy with the instrument, the way it is held, the feminine shape it has, the amount of work and practice it requires, all this creates a very special bond between the guitarist and instrument.

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Une personne fortement handicapé en quête de vision avec Aigle Bleu. – A heavily handicapped person on a vision quest with Blue Eagle

We are frequently confronted with the imperfection of the body which was granted to us for our time on Earth. Our genetics are considerably impoverished by centuries of an artificial lifestyle, genetically modified foods, chemical drugs, vaccines, far from nature, thus more and more of people suffer from various serious and debilitating handicaps and health problems. Formerly, before European colonization, people who were different, had handicaps and who yet survived childhood were appreciated for their particular gifts and they were invited to discover them.





This term defines an approach to life where technology becomes the standard for evolution. He who has the biggest cannon and the biggest bomb is the most evolved person and is thus justified in flattening his neighbor because he has the means to do it. Although common sense says that this behavior is erroneous and false, it is nevertheless the standard on which our current world is built. We’ve destroyed aboriginal peoples on all continents with the justification that since our technology is more advanced than theirs that we are thus more evolved and that we should thus civilize these barbaric peoples by force if necessary. As their life style is healthier and more relaxed they don’t want to leave it, so violence ensues sometimes ending in total genocide. They are the bases on which the current world justifies its colonization of the lands of aboriginal peoples on all the continents. It is very important to understand, as this characterizes our world civilization with its dependency on technology. The current wars are wars of technology where weapons of mass destruction are so powerful that nations don’t dare use them but continue to make them because their enemies do. This is very stupid and dangerous but it’s the reality we live in.